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I live in the Australian countryside with my animals. Together we explore the land around us and their connection with the world helps me...

Fred the Sheepdog

Today Freddie excelled himself, and stepped up to the job. A small mob of about 40 young sheep, last years lambs, had found their way into the horse’s night paddock, and needed to be moved back to their own adjacent paddock.

All last week Freddie had watched from his yard, while the sheepdogs did their work moving different mobs of sheep into the shearing shed next door. Well, his observations were not wasted. When he had the opportunity, he knew just what to do. Fred gathered this mob and pushed them forward, and then, without me needing to say anything, he came back behind and waited while the sheep found the gateway and moved through.

I was so pleased with him. I thought he may have got too excited and stirred the sheep up, that he would just chase them, but no, he sensed where they needed to go and sent them there. What a clever little dog. Maybe next year he can get put on the payroll!

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