The Future

First things first, there are some amazing artist here on red bubble. This is my first ever journal entry. I look at some of my fellow artists and I gasp with amazement. It drives me to become better at my craft. My biggest frustration is that in November I slip and torn a ligament and cartilage in my knee. Since then I have had to deal with blood clots just under my knee injury. So basically something that should have taken a few weeks has now drawn out three months. I had surgery two week ago. I will get better but it takes another month. I so want to get out and take pictures.

I thank all the people that have taken the time to look at my work. It humbles me and gives me great joy the comments people have left. This is the first site I have ever been on. I know in coming months I will continue to achieve my goals as I set them.Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment about the pros and cons of my work.Will

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