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Q: RedBubble
A: energymagic

Today we talk to energymagic Lucy Deslandes on The Couch about her
beautiful and inspiring feng shui artwork. Lucy has experimented with
different ways of digitising her paintings for RedBubble – and the final
result is precise and professional. And if you place them correctly in
your home your dreams might come true…

Q. Feng shui is such a unique artform – how did you come to be feng shui

Feng shui became my passion almost 10 years ago. I had read many books
and studied both here in Adelaide and in Malaysia with Lillian Too. I
required a mountain image to place behind my work desk, to give me
strong support. However, it was not to have water in it, as the energy I
needed was big earth. I was looking around for this picture and couldn’t
find anything I liked, so I decided to paint it for myself. I loved
painting this mountain and put a lot of energy and passion into it. This
one painting led to the next and I haven’t stopped since.

Q. What is it that you enjoy most about working in this genre?

Feng shui is so broad and exciting. Using symbolic images and the five
elements gives me endless inspiration. As a feng shui consultant, my job
is to create more harmony within the environments we live and work.
Painting extends my creativity and gives me great joy. I am in my
element when I am doing what I love.

Q. You have precise descriptions for many of your work as to where they
should be placed for maximum effect. Do you have a favourite story about
the impact your artwork has had on one of your customers?

I received some wonderful feedback the other day from a purchaser in
Texas. She had chosen the Double Happiness and the Finding Love print.
She was looking for love. She had her heart set on a certain man. To
activate the relationship sector, she hung her new artwork in the
Southwest corner of her bedroom. Within hours the man of her dreams rang
her out of the blue and wanted to meet with her. She did not doubt that
it was her intention, combined with the activation of the Southwest,
that created this. She wrote me the most remarkable letter of thanks and
told me her story.

Q. Please tell us about the materials you use to create your original
pieces of work and how you manage to digitise them so perfectly.

I paint mostly on canvas with acrylics. Digitising has been a process of
trying both scanning and photography.
Firstly I had my paintings scanned. Then my printer bought a new larger
scanner and he started to remove my canvas from the frame in order to
scan them. Of course it was almost impossible to get them stretched back
onto the frames accurately. This bothered me and I felt the paintings
were getting damaged.
Now I have them photographed by a professional. Less damage and less
work. About the same cost.
Both have positives with regard to the final digital image. I always
need to photoshop the images a little bit to make them look like the
original. Photoshop for me is a new skill that I am learning. It is
essential for me because I know what I want the final image to look

Q. Where do you find inspiration from – in both your art and your life?

I am forever inspired with feng shui. I have so many areas I have not
even begun to cover yet. For example: paintings of fish bring abundance,
birds bring opportunities and apples harmony! Symbolically I have only
scratched the surface. With art and life I am inspired by doing what I
love and have a passion for. I am very lucky that I have found my path.
It brings me a lot of joy and blessings.
My website is

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