History of Atlantis

King Atlomis looked upon him with all-knowing eyes. He had already predetermined his fate, and that was death. The destruction of the floating city of Atlantis was inevitable. The only thing he could do change the outcome later on, was to sacrifice himself . It wasn’t until a great deal of years later that Altom the Dark realized the extent of the power of King Atlomis. His soulful sea green eyes gazed deep into the eyes of his murderer. The war had finally reached his inner sanctum and the only thing between him and his killer was the holy warrior Atla, in front of him.

This warrior was one of the last members of the holy Light clan. Members the Light Clan were the sworn protectors of the Royal Family, and were the chosen people to represent the will of the Gods. Members of the clan had a distinguishing mark on the back of their necks. The located that was the chosen area for the mark was the believed region where the soul was most vulnerable to attack.Like the rest of the Atlantean race, Atla had sea green eyes, though hers seemed to have a slight glow and shown immense power. Her heavily Silver mythril armored body was tall and slender, like all the other Atlantean women. A decorative mythril helmet covered her silver tinted white hair, which had small splashes of green here and there. Atlas’ face was fair and gentle, though a few scars occupied her cheeks and neck. Around her neck lay a silver crystal-like pendant that shimmered in the bright lights. She was the guardian to the king, and now the only one able to defend him.“Is this how you want it to end Altom?” Asked the King, who then stood from his throne and listened carefully to the sounds of battle all around him. A meaningless war began a few years back between the Atlantean army and what the people of Atlantis call the Dark Clan. The dark clan wanted revenge for something that happened over ten- thousand years ago. “Why did you attack your own city? There is no reason for any of this!”“It was You’re actions, “dear” king that brought on this war! Or, shall I say your family? You’re family has sent my clan into oppression for thousands of years! You started it all, not I! ” Retorted Altom with a maniac laugh. “It’s our time to shine now! Atlantis will fall and we will take our place as the true rulers! The world will be ours for the Taking!”The Dark Clan, once apart of the Light clan, was outcast after an attempt to take over the throne of Atlantis. Origins of the clan date back to the days of what was later called “the reconstruction”. The reconstruction, was a time-period where much of Atlantis had fallen into ruins and the king and his twin sons helped to rebuild the ruin city. The Dark Clan, much like the Light clan had a distinct mark on the back of their necks. Unlike the white-feathered Angel wing, they had a black-feathered demon wing, signifying the hatred towards the Light Clan and the royal family.The warrior between them looked slightly to her king for instructions as she rolled her eyes, but never took an eye off, of the threat in front of her. Altom took this as an opportune moment to strike. He charged at the female warrior with his sword raised to his left side. This was a familiar battle stance for the Atlantean Army. She knew this technique well: After charging head on to the opponent the attacker would then raise the sword over the head and then leap into the air. Next, they would send their body into a right rotating motion as they land the attack upon the opponent. She had a good counter-attack for this as well.As she thought, he leapt into the air and changed the position of the sword to above his head. The timing had to be perfect. As soon as he began to rotate his body, she quickly spun around herself, and quickly drew her holy white sword. She muttered some unknown language and a Large beam of light suddenly engulfed Altom. She had him trapped. The Dark Clan was weak against the powers of the Holy Gods, and that light she used to capture and hold Altom the dark, was one of the few weaknesses the Dark Clan had.“You’re a fool if you thought The Dark Clan would be defeated this easily Atla! You of all people should know that!” laughed Altom, as his eyes shifted to a dark corner of the grand throne room. Atlas’ eyes only narrowed before a sudden stabbing pain hit her stomach that caused her to collapse onto the black marble floor. Her hands held her stomach until she began to choke. They lifted quickly to her throat as she gasped for precious air. A White aura also surrounded her as her boy began to weaken. She knew this spell, but it was from one of the forbidden scrolls locked away in the Queens’ library.“What… What is this?” cried the king. He knew what it was, he just couldn’t believe that they would ever use such a forbidden and devilish magic. Then again, this was the Dark Clan after all, and they would do anything to take down Atlantis.“Her soul is being sealed in her own protective holy amulet… highness. You should know this. I took the spell from one of those amazing scrolls” replied a new voice. From the darkness crept Altora, holding an opened scroll in her hands. “Quite marvelous really, this scroll. I found it in your wife’s Library. It’s rather depressing to have to destroy all that History. But, Alas, the past is the past and a new history can be written.” Altora smiled, as she watched the life drain from Atla. Her body fell to the floor lifeless as the holy light around Altom vanished. Altom was now free to finish his work.A similar black beam of light exploded from Altoms Black sword and suddenly engulfed the king. Unknown to Altom however, the king was chanting in an unknown language. Some sort of Spell, but it was too quiet to hear. The scroll in Altoras’ hands quickly vanished and she fell to the ground grabbing her neck. This spell was a similar spell to the one that she had cast upon Atla. Unfortunately for Altora, this spell was an accelerated version of the very spell. The choking sensation she felt was over whelming; her hands grasped her throat even tighter as she gasped for precious air. A black aura surrounded her quickly enough as her soul began to spirit away into the black crystal pendant.Altom rushed to her side in fear and anger. “You’ll pay for this!” All he could do was watch as she fell lifeless to the cold marble floor. The Atlantean war had claimed yet another victim.“It’s a war Altom! You knew there would be casualties, or did you forget that starting a war against the kingdom of Atlantis would require sacrifices?” exclaimed the king. He knew it wouldn’t be much longer before his death came. He wondered about his wife and her Guardian. They were most likely dead as well. This was the end of Atlantis.“You’ll PAY!!” Altom repeated with great anger. He unexpectedly charged the still trapped king howling with rage and complete hatred. Atlomis, the King closed his eyes and awaited death. He thought only of his people as the demonic black sword pierced his heart. As the blood spilled from his mouth and fatal injury, he closed his eyes with a smile and went limp. His spirit rose from his corps and lifted into the heavens, where his deceased family accepted him with open arms.The demonic light suddenly left the king as he fell back into his throne. Altom only smiled devilishly when he pulled the blood stained sword from the former king. After taking a cloth from his pocket, he wiped the sword clean and banished the demonic light from the corps.“Atlantis has fallen. Now to rebuild it my way” Altom sheathed his sword and approached the throne. “I’m sorry you’re in my seat” Altom bowed and literally picked the dead ruler off of the throne , took the royal blue robe and wiped the blood off of the seat, and finally sat in it. He smiled darkly and took a relaxed breathe. He had already gotten over the death of his partner.What happened next was surely unexpected. The silver pendant around the neck of Atla, and the Black pendant around the neck of Altora, both broke free of the chains that held them and vanished. Altom didn’t notice this eventThe doors from the garden swung open quickly, as Atlorea, the queen stumbled inside the throne room. Her Royal red robes were soaked with her own blood and she had a massive wound in her right shoulder.“My king the Outer Walls have fallen!” She cried, but her sea green eyes widened as she gazed upon the corps of her beloved husband upon the ground, and the treacherous Altom upon his throne. She also noticed the bodies of two other Atlanteans: Atla and Altora.“Not just the Outer walls My lady, but the Inner walls, outer sanctum, and inner sanctum have also fallen.” Altom peered at her from the corner of his eye, and sneered. Grief stricken and appalled, the queen of Atlantis, Atlorea could do nothing but remain in her current position. Her vision went blurry from the shock and dismay so she didn’t notice that Altom was then approaching her slowly. Her balanced weaned and stumbled to the side to grip a piece of the wall. She was losing blood still after all.As he reached her, he lifted her chin gently with a wicked smile upon his face “It will be all over with shortly my queen.” He uttered as he swiftly and abruptly, thrust the black sword into her chest, piercing her heart. Using the last of her physical strength, she took hold of the sword with both hands and pulled herself closely to him.“Yes… it… will… be criminal..” Atlorea slammed her hands onto his shoulders and began to mutter a spell in an unknown language. Even Altom didn’t recognize these phrases. Atlantis began to suddenly shake violently.“What? What is this? What are you doing!?” cried Altom in panic. Atlorea never answered his question for she began to quickly chant the accelerated soul transfer spell. Altom was too busy looking around the collapsing room to hear or noticed the new spell. His throat suddenly began to close and the pendant around his neck began to glow. This was a slightly different spell, then any of the other spells cast. It lifted from his chest as a beam of black light exploded from it and hit both the queen and Altom. The beam that hit Atlorea turned white and reflected back to the pendant. However, The Beam that hit Altom remained black and sucked his soul into the pendant. The pendant then shot the white beam into the Marble flooring and disappeared. The city then began to shake more violently as a rather intense and enormous explosion erupted from the Palace. Soon, the crumbling buildings and structures also erupted in explosions. No one had survived this tragic war.Atlantis was falling, falling out from it’s highest point in the sky. It fell faster, and faster still until finally it collided with the Atlantic Ocean. The fires that resulted from the explosions broke out everywhere but, were than quickly extinguished when The City began to sink into the ocean. First, it began to sink slowly, but over time, the rate of sinking accelerated substantially. Over the course of thirty-two minutes, The Great Floating City of Atlantis, had sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. This was the end of Atlantis.

History of Atlantis


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A possible prologue for my up comming book “Scrolls of Atlantis” please tell me what you think. Most likely to stay a short story

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