Worlds Apart ( A Continuation of the Queens Library)

As Lindsey and the other stared into the tear in the sky, they found that their fate was to go there. And, thus a journey began. “ Looks like this is our next destination,” Joy said. Lindsey thus nodded, and looked around for a way to get there. “ Looks like we can get up there by those odd looking stairs,” John said, pointing to a spiraling staircase forming in front of them.

Sarah, Lindsey, Joy and John began to climb the staircase. It seemed to form ahead of them, and disappear behind them, as if they were being sent for a reason. Upon reaching the tear, the four were then pushed through to find themselves in a world where magic and monsters reigned.

“Wow!!” said Sarah, “This is like the medieval times. How cool!!” For some reason they have been sent there to help. But, for what reason, and By whom? These were the questions that Lindsey and the gang were asking themselves. “ Now what’s going to happen? I hope we don’t have to slay some stupid dragon….” Sarah said, placing her hands on her hips and pouting. Lindsey laughs, “ Why not? I think this will be fun!! And besides, we should try to blend in so we won’t stand out to too much. you know; walk the walk, talk the talk.

“Oh, the lingo!!” Joy said, very excited. Lindsey then slapped her hand over Joy’s mouth, as others were looking at them. John, thinking this would be a good opportunity to try out his acting skills, looked to Joy, “Thee are a little nervous to be around such elegance young one?” Raising an eye brow Sarah looked to the sky, “ It’s gone!!”

As she said this, a cloaked woman approached them, “ You all made it fine?” Lindsey looked to the woman, “ You know we aren’t from this time?” The women nodded and lowered her hood revealing Mezetana herself. “WOAH!!!!!” John yelled, “No way!!” Lindsey smiled, “I thought this would happen, By taking the book we opened a channel here. A channel to the past.”
Mez nodded, “ You are correct, please come with me, you must help us. This world is in grave danger.” Lindsey nodded as she looked to Joy trying to learn the ways of the medieval times. Laughing, Lindsey looked back to Mez, “ So what do we have to do?”

Mez smiled gently and gestured towards the town, “ Come, we will speak at my castle…” Sarah looked around confused, “ Lindsey, can’t we just stop being adventurous for now and go home?” Lindsey just shook her head as they all walked to the new looking castle. “ I see that you are still holding the book. That is good,” Mezetana then said. Lindsey lifted the book up, “ Does the problem have anything to do with this book?”

Opening the large doors, Mez smiled, “ Yes, I cannot find it. It was going to help me defeat another queen in a distant city. Her magic is strong, and she has many enemies. I need the book you have and the one from this time. Thus, we will be able to defeat her. My brother and my good friend Eva will be of good help. Here, make yourselves comfortable. Lindsey, please show me exactly the place where you found this book.

Lindsey walked to the large fireplace and pushed the trigger to open her secret library. Walking in, Lindsey went to the place where she had found it. “Here, I believe this was the place,” Lindsey said, reaching up her hand and pulling the book down. “How wonderful!” Mez said, “ With these two books The Royal family will not stand a chance… Her daughter will never be able to inherit her power… Diablo will help end that kingdom…” Lindsey looked to her, “ Diablo? The king of all that is evil? You’re the evil queen that will bring the down fall to my great, great, great, great grandmother, for whom I was named after? She’s only a child now? I cannot allow this!”

Mez laughed in an evil manor, “ Not me, dear Lindsey….. You will! For you have the magic with in you as well……” Mez laughed again, “ You cannot change what will happen.” As soon as that was said, a trance became over the adventurer. “ You’re fate is to destroy this kingdom so your future will be as it is now…. The magic is inside you. Use it!” After this was said, Lindsey opened the book, still in a trance. Both Mez and Lindsey began to chant a spell to release Diablo from his prison. Once he was released, the horror of the tragedy of the greatest kingdom began. The young princess Lindsey was held safely with her father, her friend Kururu, and brother, Jason. Her mother went on to fight Diablo, Mez, and their minions. The Adventurer whom we know as Lindsey Royal was sent back to the present as the horrible history took place. That is how the story of Lindsey and Geen began.

Worlds Apart ( A Continuation of the Queens Library)


East Windsor, United States

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