Commissions open!

It’s that Time agian!

I have opened commissions.

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Simple sketch – <i>$5</i>

Lineart – <i>$10</i>

Finished Anime peice – <i>$15</i>

Abstract – <i>$10</i>

Other Design ( you specify) – <i>$15</i>

8.5×11 inches – <i>$20</i>
11×17 inches – <i>$25</i>

Note: Poster will be a print not the originally drawn peice. You will get the digital copy via email but I will mail you the poster.

<u>This is the low down. I will actually mail you the commission with it signed by me and Also I will send a digital Back up copy.</u>


To commission me please <acronym title="Email me."><a href="">Email me</a></acronym> specifying what you want done and which package you want.

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