Color correction Tutorial

There is one thing wrong with all three of these photos. Light issues. In the first one the balance is off so it’s hard to see. You can easily do this upping the saturation slightly as well as the lightness. This makes the shadow at the bottom a lot less prominent. This also makes the photo clearer and easier to see. To do this go to image > adjustments> Hue/saturation and adjust the saturation slightly up as well as the lightness. This will bring the harsh shadows down and make it lighter and easier to see. To see an example of this go to: [link] . This shows how the shadows can change a picture.

To fix the second one something a bit trickier is needed. The harsh shadow of the nose makes the man’s mouth hard to see. In fact you can’t even see it. So you need to lessen the shadow without changing the rest of the photo. You could do this by making a separate layer of the shadow but that’s a big pain in the butt. Instead you can go to image> adjustments> Shadows/highlights. Adjust the shadow and put it all the way up the dark shadow of the photo lessens immensely. But notice the entire photo lights a bit. This has to be fixed. To fix this, put the highlights all the way up. This will make the picture darker and the levels more equal.

For the last one, It’s extremely faded and it looks old or maybe like a printer didn’t have enough ink to finish printing it. This is even trickier because the usual tricks will have no affect on it. Instead, we have to make the shadows darker and the highlights brighter. This will make the tea pot and cup stand out from the back ground. We can do this by using the exposure tool. Go to Image> adjustments> Exposure. Adjust all three of the options. Bring the exposure up a bit, the offset down, and the gamma correction way up. The tea pot and cup come to the front quickly and stand out. Now we have to fix a few things. Go to image> adjustments> brightness/contrast. Adjust both to make it stand out more. Tada, the photo is corrected and it looks much better.

To see the photos and to downlaod this tutorial please go to:

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