A dishonorable feeling came into play with each step I took. The connection of foot to concrete, or any form or ground for that matter, had a visceral effect on my mind. Whether or not this was bad or good remained undeterminable. A dark and contemptuous mood still lined my thoughts before I obtained the pathetic excuse of sleep the night previous.

I dove my hand into my jeans pocket, undoubtedly searching for something to mask the taste that was entering my mouth. Aside from the toxic, deteriorating sapidity of sewage, and excruciating smell of over-population, my tongue detected none other than disgust. It was poured upon multiple faces of the on-goers which casually swept by.

I couldn’t help but notice the air quiver before me. It caught the remnant of my peripheral vision a little too subtle for my liking. I was suddenly sideswiped by an unknown force, falling to my back. I stopped abruptly a few inches off the ground. I recovered and gained my stance once more, fast enough to not be noticed by the general public.

The pressure on my thoughts was increasing and I began to convulse, although my body made no apparent physical movement. My knees genuflected harshly toward to the ground. The left knee cap split, tearing the paper-thin flesh bordering its structure. I nonchalantly healed it, trying to not let it phase me. I blocked my mind, now knowing that a threat was in dangerous proximity. A knife wedged itself silently threw the space before me, crossing my barrier and stopping in midair. I retrieved it quickly, again not wanting to attract much more attention to myself at the current moment. I stood up, making my way to a set of stairs leading down to the nearest subway station.

Upon entering the lower level, the lights began to dim. I stopped myself from laughing aloud, simply due to the idiotic notions of it all. An attack as routine as this was nothing more than exercise for me. I realized how predictable the proceeding scene would play out. Instantly saddened, I thought today would’ve been better… not that I should expect much from a few egotistical demons.

Another knife came flying toward me, this time, unfortunately, catching me by surprise. It ricocheted off my cheek bone, leaving a fine scrap of infinitesimal recognition. I smirked broadly, knowing I would enjoy this with full regalement. The rest came just as I suspected. Ground shaking, people running amok, and apparently the dimmed lights weren’t quite low enough as it would seem. Ah, yes… the trademark scream.

Running at full speed from the opposing stairs, came a horde of macabre demons oozing with an acid-like coat. They began to screech once more, some showing their teeth as if they were part rabid dog.

The leader of the pack so to speak, halted roughly six feet from my stance. The rest followed suit, although they lashed out from a distance as if behind an invisible barrier. Then he spoke. “Don’t act so proud, Rasika. We cannot deny your power, but we’re able to assume that it is running low. Though you’ve seen the end to many of our kind, you certainly won’t be as lucky this time.”

“I’d rather not play games, Aukhet. So could you do me a favor and skip over the technicalities? Nothing will suffice from a discussion. You have your predetermined outcome, and so do I. Let’s see which of us is right.”

He threw his head side to side repeatedly, slightly foaming at the mouth. His noticeably fowl stench made way to my flaring nostrils, unintentionally adding to my enmity of such a disgusting thing. All five demons jumped toward me, all within inches of one another. I withdrew backwards, leaving them in a stupor in which gave me the upper-hand.

Intending to enjoy every delicious minute of fighting, I jerked my head to the right, causing the support beams directly in front of the exit opposite to withdraw any amount of composure and shake unnaturally.

As the vibrations sent through the concrete matter increased, the tiled wall began to splinter down in a jagged line, towards the scene unfolding directly in front of me. The obsolete buzz had begun to grow into a whisper of unimaginable sounds, and caused all five demons to simultaneously drop to the ground and grab their ears in consequential pain.

Pressing forward with both mind and presence, I walked casually toward the demons now sprawled along the path before me. I smiled maliciously as I took in my surroundings. Deep within the tons and tons of concrete on either side of the subway, lay dormant an almost immeasurable amount of titanium. Just the kind my energy called to.

I threw my hands up toward the parallel walls, and blocked the present from my mind. I focused in on the retracting pull that all inanimate objects had. My smile widened slightly, as I mentally noted how naive humans were to think that such a powerful thing as metal was not alive. Oxygen, as they should’ve figured out by now, is not the only thing to sustain life. Knowledge was definitely on my side. It seems as though the demons were just as ill-informed.

Shaking my head away from my tangent-prone thoughts, I focused more intently on the bars of metal submerged just feet into the cement. The titanium attempted to naturally recoil away from my pull, but I knew all too well the weakness of the man-made material. I loosened the ties it held with gravity, and I curved my hands inward, guiding the now incoherent metal.

The small splinters in the wall shimmered with retaliation, as I began to widen their intensity, allowing a free path for which the metal was to follow. The bending of the metal sent an unwanted sound to my eardrums, wavering my focus to a small degree. My slip on reality was increasing, and just as I attempted to throw myself back to the present, I could feel my body being tossed skyward like a rag doll.

However there was no sky for me to continue to plummet toward. My body was flung into an imbedded rectangle light, and as I broke the thin layer of glass, the lights sparked against my skin, causing the electric current to twist and contort alongside my metallic energy. Something caught my leg, which I could only presume was Aukhet finally regaining mobility, and I was thrust back down toward the Earth.

My eyes flickered momentarily as my mind began to comprehend the now apparent present. A small hint of victory was shown in Aukhet’s beastly eyes, and I hated nothing more at that moment than his thought of power. The electricity that had stunned me moments before began to protrude from every pore on my body. It swirled around every appendage like a paper thin snake barely lighter than air.

My unabridged mental pull on the metal had grown impatient with my feel of distress, and in reaction to my emotions, my energy lashed out the last bit required to release the metal of any physical boundary.



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This is a piece of work I’ve been writing for literally years. I’ve mutilated the contents beyond belief, and this is the final cut…again, please don’t steal any of this. I suppose I couldn’t stop you, however it would upset me very much.

Happy reading!

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