A high pitched yowl seemed to escape from the bowels of hell, as the crack in the street began to transform into something much larger than a simple ‘misfortunate construction incident’. The windows of every car, building, and in proportions to significance, the unimportant inch thick fiberglass protecting the little red notes that stick up once your Parking Toll has expired, had either spider-cracked, broken, or shattered into many thousand pieces.

As the miniscule pieces of glass raced towards Aurora, they began to collide with the air and electric current that had found its way into the demon’s hands. A funnel began to form as the glass withdrew its own free will, allowing this sporadically found energy to overtake its new destination. The barely noticeable funnel had transformed itself into a whirlwind of relative shape and size.

The surrounding air began to fill with a potent smoke, as if the shadows of the underworld had taken a new form. The scraps of souls belonging to innumerable demons had managed to leak amidst the daylight and clean air, despite the decades old barrier.

An ominous draft had starting fusing with the now exponentially growing funnel of pure energy. The eye of the funnel boomed with the sudden amount of energy beginning to escape itself. The glass crystals glistened in the relentless sunlight that barely managed to pierce the apparent smog of indefinite proportions, as they went spiraling towards Aurora.

Even as the shards screamed agony a hair-length away from her face, she projected her voice to momentous proportions, retaliating against the storm of pain being thrust her way. With a nod of her head, she sent a wave of rage towards the many projectiles making their way to her stance.

The glass collided with Aurora’s shield of energy, and broke off into smaller bits and pieces. Before the shredded glass hit the ground, it looked to be no more than sand.

A burst of energy began to emit from her hands, as she lifted her left with her opposing hand to hold her energies exit in place. The air around her hand was constricting itself, getting denser and denser. Without notice her palm pulled the thick air in, allowing her energy to fuse with the fire that was lining the gap that was soon to become the imminent end of the city.

Manipulating the fire, it danced alongside the wind, making its way towards Aurora’s orb of intense power. Her energy lashed out, as if impatient to how slow the wind surprisingly was. Grabbing hold of the flames, it simultaneously latched onto the pockets of compressed air, altering the well known characteristic of fire; without oxygen fire cannot exist.

The fusion continued seamlessly, eventually the fire looking much like airborne ribbon, almost blue enough to touch. It enticed with the wind once more, wrapping itself around Aurora’s arm, binding itself to the appendage’s many contortions.

Without warning, her elbow retracted abruptly, the outline of her arm making a noticeably deep trace against her stomach. Her hand jerked to the right, left, and then to the right again, awkwardly putting strain on her bones, although pain was almost the opposite of what overcame her. A tingling feeling had started to swarm to every inch of her body, leaving no one place unaffected.

Uncomfortable to say the least, Aurora tried her hardest to move. As if confined to a compact space, the air became thicker and hotter, the causality of it all putting an immense amount of pressure against her skin. Claustrophobic nature didn’t exactly go smoothly with her current predicament.

Having no idea how to relieve herself of her cramped prison, she pushed as hard to she could, further and further past the invisible barriers which bound her in place.

Admitting defeat must’ve triggered something inside of her, as her arms went limp, signifying her acceptance of whatever may come. The vibrations had started again. Hearing them earlier, she tried mentally connecting the reason for which the fire that had wrapped itself around her arm, was caused by the first wave of subtle vibrations just minutes ago.

Suddenly the heat was no longer just effecting the outskirts of her containment. What had been tingly and numb-like, grew into an increasingly warm blanket of intense heat. Letting go of any composure left inside of her, Aurora allowed her arm’s energy to take hold of whatever means necessary to escape from her foreboding cell.

Her body in it’s entirety lifted off of the cement, ascending skyward, halting at two feet or so. The heat grew almost unbearable. Not with pain, but rather just the oddity of such a feeling. She threw her arms to the side, surprisingly breaking whatever force that had held it in place previously. Squeezing her fists tighter and tighter, she focused on getting free, now knowing that she had some form of control, no matter how feeble it may be.

Adrenaline had began to surge in it’s purest form throughout all veins encompassing her upper torso. The wind picked up quickly, creating another funnel-like creation around her body. Within seconds it had grown to the size of a small twister, exponentially growing with each passing second. The vibrations had begun to grow louder still, and seemingly more difficult to ignore. Cement and grass rooted ground alike was wrenched from it’s homely abode, the wind unjustifiably turning into a forte of wreckage. Steel benches, stop signs, and the rest of the glass that Aurora had managed to subside, was twisting and contorting around her. With total disregard of the gravity below, Aurora’s feet slammed down onto the barely recognizable street.

The tornado had stopped instantly, the intensity of her fall overpowering even the strongest of winds. This ruptured the limitations of her movement, and as she began to walk the environment around her breathed a little easier. As she lifted her hands to self-mend her crooked wrist bones, all of the debris circling around had simply stopped.

As if held by strings from deep space, anything and everything was lain amongst the air, having no recollection of the supposed drop that should have pursued thereafter the winds halt. Silence was unjust, with yet louder instances of vibrations below.



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This is part of a book I’ve been writing for a long time. I’ve stayed up countless nights pouring my heart out, and tried my best to put my vision in decipherable words.

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