My first animated art video at YouTube!

Hi all,

since I create my art work as stills I though it will be a good idea to make my stills alive in a animation video or so. Due the fact that I am working with high end software as MAXON Cinema 4D and e-on Vue xStream who are supporting animation rendering it should be possible to animate my art work. So I started in June 2011 this project by animating one of my first stills “Bacillus” and created an over 3 minute video animation. Now after many weekends and nights, reams of hours to render the animation scenes, cutting and composing my first animation video is finished and uploaded at YouTube. The trailers are in German but as you know art is language independent.

Don’t forget to switch on your speakers to here the sound! So have a look and if you like my animation video vote for it!

Greetings from Germany


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