May Project - Wave Goodbye to Your Least Favourite Collection of Photographs

I admit. I’ve been slow and my photos are so far samey, unimaginative and frankly, rubbish.
Fortunately, I like my own ideas too much to chuck it out completely and I intend to make a few years of it – finally collecting the best out of this and next and possibly even the next year.

My other idea would be to continue it indefinitely, but only random pictures would make it to Redbubble – the rest would be collected elsewhere.
I’m not sure about that though – this hasn’t really been such a defining May that I’d be inclined to have started it here. The next couple of years aren’t such a bad ending though, and simply gives me more time to make my ideas better. For example, the 6th of May (St. George’s Day) is currently missing – not for lack of trying, just for lack of good results. And by my calculations, the weather should be nicer on the best day of the month – so ALL IS WELL. =D Who knows, I might even be able to get some nice people to help me next time ^^ (fingers crossed, eh?)

Hmm…I’m rather wondering whether I shouldn’t drop them all now actually – I was intending to add in the region of five more (yes I have done more, it’s just deciding which days and it takes a long time and stuff). Methinks I may just delete the lot and what I do upload I will merely add an obituary to.
Dare I ask what you think? Is anybody out there?
(Except Loz and Lollie, possibly?)

Well anyway – wave goodbye, cause that’s your lot. sniffle

Coming soon in the adventures of me….
~ Raiding school cupboards for interesting props
~ Various fragments
~ Lots of hands (This one’s for you, B)
~ Experimentations with Photoshop
~ Running around stark naked (Just kidding.)

R.I.P. May Project

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