May Project - Not Abandoned, But Not Necessarily Uploaded

Well, who knows who is reading this, but hey, the exams (in part, but not exclusively) have quietly ravaged my ability to keep up to date with the project, not to metion lack of skill and lack of immediate resources.

Most dates have multiple pictures and the other plan was to merge them all into a book – currently, this would appear to be the best way of presenting my shots as while they are all alright, few hold together of their own accord, and none seem to be provoking any response (despite the fact the only one’s up are not all or necessarily the best).
I also seem to be taking a lot of flowers, and as I’m not even half as good as dear Ingz and her absolutely stunning pics (we love you Ingz!) I fear I should back off! XD
Moreover, forget-me-nots have been INCREDIBLY hard to get hold of. I’m halfway to trying to buy them at a garden centre or something as I love them so, but the only place where I’ve seen them this month is alongside the road up to school (the WRONG side) and in a flower bed, bang-slap in the middle! Difficult times for the self-conscious, too-young-to-die photographer! =P
I’ve got a couple of okay ones on black or Lollie-shaped backgrounds, but nothing to write home about, so to speak. Alas, the poor, short-lived things may be gone by the time I get back, let alone try to snap again. Ah well.

(Beware, increased poetic rambling may occur beyond this point)

May is nearly over now however, just around eight days and then it will be June. As far as I’m concerned, it turns summer. It smarts of tourists frying themselves into yellow beaches. And what has May been? Just a touch of spring it seems, gone so fast much like everything else. Waited for, adored, reveled in but still, impossible to hold on to; it’s Time. It’s seems almost like I missed it, trying to look at every day and see the significance of May in them. Even on my favourite day the glimpse of joy was fleeting under a cloudy sky.
Of course, each day is what you make it, but we are not the only things alive – and all these living things come awakened fresh into the spring, not yet lazily drunk on summer’s mellow fruitfulness, but born freely, brightly into the youthful sunshine. To move out of spring, is to long for it, yearning to be young again, yet while it is here, all is new.
And hurrah for that. =)

To the singular inspiration ^^

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