Philosophical Treatise on Eternal Action


These statements are value based, as such there is the possibility that they could be argued against, denied outright, or could simply be forgotten or ‘not considered.’ For example, the statement that ‘the finite exists’ (irrespective of the language barriers) would be irrelevant to a rock, to an animal or to an early human, not in the sense that the argument is right or wrong but in that the value of the idea would be meaningless, nonsensical or pointless to the thoughts, needs and understandings of the subjects, much in the way that the ‘truths’ of those subjects or even the ‘truths’ of our future selves would be meaningless to us (This thought can even be extended to the truths between us now as individuals, or the beliefs we held onto throughout the many stages of our lives.).

The difficulty with truth is that every statement must be taken on faith and the value of every statement is only realised through its use. Past causes and effects are not proof that the future will follow the same logic, or that the past is how we remember it. As such we can not make true or false statements of the world around us, we can only utilise methods and where those methods fail to provide us with sufficient results we can change them accordingly.

The following is one such method:


A1The Finite Exists;

‘Existence’ is finite.

Anything defined, labelled, conceived, concocted, expressed, imagined or constructed is finite. In essence, anything we attribute qualities or values to, those qualities and values, define its limitations.

As all finite values are subject to change, the statement is only expected to be of value so long as there exists a sentient mind that accepts the notion. Until then this truth is accepted on the notion that any denial of it holds as much authority as the statement itself.

A2All Structures are Finite;

Every structure or construct, whether mental or physical, is finite.

This is the case because where a subject’s qualities and values are defined, they cannot be otherwise. A ‘red ball’ is red, not blue.

A3All Limitations are Structures and all Structures are Limitations;

A4Action is Defined as the Change in Value through Space-Time;

Action in our sense of the word is akin to movement. This involves a change of some kind between individual parts, within the qualitative structure of space-time.

Change is only apparent to those that perceive the initial values and identities to begin with and the values and identities that they become.

If change is not perceived there is no change.

A5The Measure of Action is Qualitative and therefore Finite;

Action itself is a concept. It does not exist in the separate sense of the word, only in regards to the changes in qualities and values between interdependent parts.

A6For the Finite to have come about Selectively as Opposed to the Product of Infinite Potentiality, there would have to be a Structure in place to Discriminate as to what could Exist and what could Not Exist;

A7If the Limitation is Imposed by a Third Party then that particular Party must be Finite as to Discriminate is a Qualitative Action and Contradictory to the Unqualitative Nature of the Infinite;

If this structure were to be infinite in duration then there would be a point within that structure that would contain the potential to allow exceptions. Given an infinite duration, all exceptions would be possible. Thus there would be no distinctions to Infinite potential anyway, however the idea of an original structure might be ruled out by Occam’s razor.

A8Thus a Spectrum of Infinite Potentiality must Exist;

Nothing qualitative can be said of the Infinite. Instead we can only considered it in relation to the finite. This relationship is ‘Infinite Potentiality.’ Infinite Potentiality can be considered as the statistical probability that a finite thing could ‘exist.’

Part 1

1The Infinite IS;

There is no way to avoid mentioning the infinite in a non-value-based way without contradiction; however by accepting the existence of the finite we automatically accept the existence of the infinite by way of necessity.

2By Way of the Infinite, Infinite Potential IS;

3By Way of Infinite Potential, the Finite IS;

4This Dynamic Relationship is the Essence of Eternal Action.

Here ‘Eternal Action’ is considered as the infinite causal of the finite. The finite will infinitely be, yet to the finite there is division, change, value and ultimately an ‘end’ to its existence.

The finite cannot be considered an ‘illusion’ as this creates the idea of a ‘real’ state of things, but it’s the thought itself that brings about the limitations and values. Any idea of a ‘real’ state of things is just as ‘illusory’ as the ‘illusion’ itself.

Part 2

5With the Finite Arises Value and Awareness;

By Nature, the Finite is Qualitative and Limited.

Because the Finite is Qualitative, There must be that which Defines its Qualities and limitations; This is the Antithesis (a Dual Aspect of the Finite).

6By Nature, the Finite is Division;

7Awareness is the Field of Value;

Without Awareness, Value cannot be Established; Without Value, There is No Distinction between Forms and thus Nothing to be Aware of.

8The Distinctions in Value are Actualised by way of the Limitations of the Finite;

The Finite is the Whole, Yet Concerned with the Parts. Realisation of the Whole would Reintegrate the Constituent Parts and the Finite would be the Infinite.

Through Value and Awareness, the World of Form is Actualised and Eternal Action is Perceived as Qualitative Action or Change.

9The Distinctions in Value Constitutes the World of Form.

Further Disintegration Creates Structural Integrity.

10The World of Form IS the World of Identities.

Philosophical Treatise on Eternal Action

Mikhayl Von Riebon

Hobart, Australia

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An Exercise in Logic and Metaphysics

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  • Mikhayl Von Riebon
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