The wrong way up

Hmmmm, this is proving to be a strange week. We are installing an Advent Calendar at Federation Square. Yep, hanging a giant screen on the side of a building – no mean feat by anyone’s standards but made especially tricky by the bizarre angles of Fed Square and the fact that there are no straight sides in the entire building. Not one.

The logistics aside, I’m sure it will be great and it’s worth checking out the December offerings at Fed Square. The Advent Calendar is a beautiful interactive AV extravaganza with an anti-materialistic focus.
There is also the Dream Seed Project (launched on Dec 23) where 30000 tiny LEDs with children’s wishes attached will be launched into the air above Fed Square and drift down to be caught by a mass of children waiting below. These children will then attempt to make the wishes of their contemporaries come true. A beautiful concept, especially if they pull it off!!

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