Endlessly I hear the rain
I watch it through the misty glass
And wonder why good things in life
Flow past but never last

Persistently the drips keep falling
Even though the rain has passed
They make their way down through the leaves
And tumble onto grass

Sleeplessly I watch the moon
It makes its way across the sky
Marking time and passing hours
And still I wonder way

Silently I watch the ocean
Crashing onto beach and rocks
It rushes up and sidles back
Persists and never stops

Helplessly I watch the children
Growing from young boys to men
They’re moving outward, leaving home
And what will be there then?

Time is marching, passing by
It’s pulling me towards my death
It changes me, arranges me
Anew with every breath

Movement leads me on and on
Through this life into next,
Or should I just accept the fact
It all stops with my death?

Knowingly I give my power
Waiting for some random sign
That now’s the time to stake my claim
And make this life all mine.

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