A New Investment

After much deliberation, ummmms and aaahhhs I finally got off of my backside and jumped into purchasing a new lens today.

I had debated the personal pros and cons for purchasing either:

Canon 17-35mm L series,
Canon 70-200mm L series, or
Sigma 10-20mm

Made up my mind this morning that today was the day that I was going to purchase either one of the above lens. Phoned the local Camera House and they made my choice so much simpler. Only had the Sigma in stock.

Picked it up and headed off for the day with the wife and kids. Spent the day at a flora park about one hour from home. Took some nice shots with the new lens, but really wanted to get out and do some vast landscape shooting with it.

So off we went to one of my favourite spots close to home for sunset – Point Peron. Spent about one hour down there and took some shots. Also stumbled across a tired baby seal that had landed itself up on some of the limestone cliffs. Run back to the car and got the 300mm lens out so that I did not have to get to close. Two metres away and he was getting edgy and barked at me when he had had enough.

Was a great day in the end and was very happy with the quality of the shots from the new lens. Will be uploading some of the shots to my profile tomorrow, and hopefully as I continue to process the RAW images, more will come from the wonderful day.

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