Thoughts on womanhood.

Why do women leave men that are good? Some women just throw away good love, and some women hold onto love that isn’t love. There are women who let themselves be destroyed, because they have gone through so much they can no longer protect themselves.

To love someone just to have someone to love is the worst reason to be with someone. To be lonely is an entitlement, to be loved is a gift. When women love men that don’t deserve it, it destroys a woman. I believed for a long time, and sometimes still do that women were objects meant to be used by men. That men were glorified creatures, and they had the right to mistreat women. Any affection they gave was like a gift to me, having been neglected by my own father.

To be a woman, a woman has to be a girl who doesn’t hate herself. Or else she is a girl inside a woman’s flesh, frightened, and weak. I am not a feminist. But a woman who isn’t loved becomes through no fault of her own, a kind of whore searching for love. Or else she can close up shop.

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