my "little" holiday

ok, so this is journal entry number two, probably obveouse seeing as i only have one other entry.. but anywhoo, it has become apparent to me lately that the space of time in between now and when i finished school (07) has been growing increasingly large and over stayed. i became aware of this after my recent holiday to Tocumwal (for a good spot of wake boarding) actually turned out to be a ploy to pass my empty time. You might think fair enough that i want to take a few days off with an old friend who has been slightly neglected as of late, but the sad thing is is that i actually got back from spending a week at Phillip island with a bunch of my best mates only two nights before leaving for Tocumwal. my Tocumwal trip was stemmed from the boredom caused by ONE, yes one evening at home due to the fact that as soon as i got home from Phillp island i scooted off to my boyfriend house for the night, and didn’t get back until the next evening, which i might add my family wasn’t too happy about (total guilt trip). anyways, so the point of this entry is basically to overview the fact that a holiday has now turned into a normal pass-time for me. it also accored to me that since finishing school i have managed to take trips to lorne, ballarat, and queenscliff on top of my recent phillip island and tocumwal.
i am now officially down to my last dollars seeing as i only work 6 hours a week at my dead end (not that it really had a start in the first place) job which is the reason why i have so much time to kill, and are most definitely on the hunt for something full time and money earning! any local suggestions would be appreciated too!
anyways, the time to finish my pointless babble iiiissssss NOW, so im afraid u will have to wait for my next rabbit-on entry to enjoy the delightful collaboration of gabber that i call a journal!

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