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American Artist, researcher and Inventor L. R. Emerson II may be considered equally the Thomas Edison of art yet is also easily...

American Artist L. R. Emerson II has been researching, developing, and inventing methods of making art and specifically Upside-Down art known as Masg Art, from Gaelic meaning to mix; or infuse for 30 years.

To date, Emerson has delivered on his 1983 promises to make Upside-Down Art a household name in the very near future which is here now.

In the aftermath we find now major artists effecting and or following the movement crossing international lines with artist such as renowned British sculptor Anish Kapoor and Germany’s Georg Baselitz giving strong visual support. The major artist’s contributions are notable.

Emerson has never intended to become a household name in artmaking and the evidence of his effort to avoid marketability is his diligent effort to make art that was intentionally against the common trends. His own Upside-Down and Pop Not art movements prove he is no fame seeker.

Emerson’s own efforts in leading the Upside-Down Art Movement has thus far have encompassed the following:

· Engaged 30 years of innovative, experimentation and invention driven research on Upside-Down Art or Multidirectional Art Composition, process and art methodology.

· Invented 52 documented new methods for making Upside-Down Art or Masg Art

· Established a world record in the “Most Digital Works Created in One Hour” with the record set at 86 in 2007 and succeeded to a new record of 87 in 2008, both held by Emerson.

· Published The Purple Tree; Art in a Boundless Age

· Donated by Deed the printing, publishing and rights to sale of over $1 million dollars in art.

· Created the first Upside-Down Art/Masg art Portraiture featuring a living person

· Established new art movement named “Pop Not” – genuine Pop Art styled social criticism with Pop styled, collages and punchy graphics but far removed from the kitschy, pseudo Pop Art existing today. L. R. Emerson II documented in the Purple Tree; Art in A Boundless Age the relevance and mission of Pop Not artists and the socially critical work they produce.

· Produced 14 Art Education videos highlighting the earmarks of Upside-Down Art.

· Achieved in excess of 100 awards including awards for advertising design and photography

· Written and published Art History and or Criticism articles about Upside-Down Art

· Exhibited Upside-Down art or Masg Art at prominent museums such The Museum of Contemporary Art

· Developed, termed and published research about the “Digigraph” art process and art medium – a unique new art medium using traditional art media and technology

· Received the accolade of Georg Basaltic calling L. R. Emerson II’s art “…inspiring”.

· 2005, Established e4 Fine Art and an accompanying website e4fineart.com to serve as an international representative for the L. R. Emerson II brand and the web site to host functional space to not only electronically exhibit my work but moreover to share understanding about the art history related to Upside-Down Art.

To date www.e4fineart.com.com and its’ counterpart gallery, www.upside-down-art.com has had over 600.000 visitors from across the planet and exists as “The World’s Largest Solo Artist Site” TM.
First artist to call for a change in the current Art Education texts and practices as L. R. Emerson II’s 30 years of pioneering research has proved the merit and validity of Upside-Down Art, or Masg Art being a worthy alternative to the three common forms of compositional balance. Because of the work of Upside-Down artists the old texts and teaching foundations knows as the Principles of Art/Design are wrong and need revision. Museums, Art Critics, Educators and Historians can no longer ignore the relevance and merit of multi-directional composition.

· Received critical acclaim from contributing writer to Art and Antiques Magazine, Nicholas Forrest who called L. R. Emerson II’s Upside-Down Art or Masg Art, “Amazing art by an amazing artist!”

· In 2005, after having been kept secret for over two decades, Masg or Upside-Down Art was introduced to more than 500 galleries and in excess of 50 renowned museums worldwide including:

The National Gallery
Tate Museum, London
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Musée du Louvre, Paris
The Museum of Modern Art, NYC
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Currently as I continue my research and documentation I look toward a group show including myself, Georg Baselitz, Anish Kapoor and others such Vietnamese artist Dai Giang. London’s Tate Museum or NYC’s Guggenheim or MOMA will be fine venues.

“Like Picasso once commented, I too don’t make art to decorate the walls of someone’s apartment!” said Emerson in a recent interview. "I have never made my personal art to sell though I worked successfully as a commercial artist.

We have come a long way but have a continued journey ahead. I am pleased however at the progress so far and know we have truly shattered the Glass ceiling or stronghold of art conservators and museums as they too now have accepted the methods of composition have forever changed!" 2011

See the revolutionary art of L. R. Emerson II

at upside-down-art.com
and e4fineart.info

“The World’s Largest Solo Artist Site” TM

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