Ember Fairbairn

Melbourne, Australia

Recently exhibited at art melbournes START programme. Prior to that she was represented by Agora galleries New York. /...

internet community

Im realising more and more everyday the importance of community in all its forms and have always strived to nurture community aswell, through my work and social circles. A few years ago myself and some friends started to network in this same way with our art “collective”, it was an awesome way to support each other with getting our work out there, through group exhibitions, financially too, as we helped each other with catering and marketing etc. and encouragement, via mutual understanding and apreciation.
Thats why I love online art communities, art forums etc. as its an awesome extention of that communtiy and support. Its great to have found this one too as it lends itself beautifully to that kind of encouragement we all need.
I just wonder how many artists have that in their lives though, outside of the internet?
Would love to know!!
I’m blesed to have had these other women help me, otherwise I dont think i would have been exhibiting at all over the last few years as i really needed a confidence boost.
Praise is soooooo worth more than criticism, I dont give a toss what art establishments have to say on the matter, and in fact it was the whole institutuionalisation of art that made my decision to drop out of art school ( now 14 years ago) a bit easier .

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