OMG..... The LOA is startin to freak me out in the most amazing way possible.... :0)

Ok so I managed to literally manifest the exact person I needed to meet business wise – in a coffee shop – not only did I need to start working with a therapist who was NLP trained with a background in obesity disorders – but did teh universe really wish to granty me all my wishes in one with introducing me directky to a lady who is all that but has a 20 year history in the film industry? I kid you not and I met her whilst she was frantically trying to find a seat for her 14 year old daughter who was suffering with a bad back – hence the seat next to me in Starbucks whilst drinking my non – caffeine ‘peppermint infusion’…. WHAT PRAY TELL ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT ……..?!!! we are now planning to write and hold seminars… and the fact that I want to put my personal experiences into a film script??? …… so guys please please please becareful what you wish for an dmake sure you ‘feel deeply’ the power of your passion… becuase it’s just there… you can not only touch it but when it appears don’t don’t don’t let it go!!!!

LOA – Law of Attraction, the universe and every positive thing out there – More love to you….. God Bless RB’s wishing you all every love creativity and positivity in your feeling…. you CAN have it all.. :0) just don’t miss it when it arrives…………….x

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