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The only time I stay in one place, I’m sleeping or doing a realistic impression of a zombie.,



About 40 minutes early as I am at work and may not get to say it later and as hey a lot of you are hours and hours into 2013 already but….

Happy New Year!!! :-D

All the very best wishes to everyone and look forward to sharing some of the year with you all here in my online “home”.

Quick tip about the "what on earth am I looking at" reaction you may have today

So I chose a work as a challenge avatar for a challenge. Went to tell the person I did it and was like “What on Earth?!?!??!”…

Ok I may have used an expletive.

Then I breathed in, then out and spotted it… the tab that said description and the other tab that said comments (just under the photo/artwork to the bottom right of the image)

When I then went to another work (and another and another ad infinitum/nauseum) I found something awesome…. that all works opened at the comments pages.

So the tip? If you love to look at works and see comments, just switch to comments on the work you are looking at and you will always see that, until you change your mind. If you don’t leave comments so often but like to read descriptions, well, choose that tab…. you will always come back to that (if you do le

Sales! Thank you!

So billed on the 11th November 2012 is a sale of this, as a large greetings card, to an anonymous buyer….

Otter birthday card
by ellismorleyphto

Large greeting card only £2.28. Smaller cards from £1.21

….and around an hour ago, 13th November 2012 (in the UK at least!) a postcard of Vegas.

‘Paris’ by night
by ellismorleyphto

postcard only £1.21

Given that at the moment I am really missing the otters in London Zoo as I have not been there for a while and having a LOT of stuff going on at the moment all connected to Vegas and the USA in general, as well as looking forward to a day trip to Paris when I get my new railcard, this is all so very apt… and of course I am dancing around with a yay and a woohoo :-P

If you are one of the buyers and see this, THANK YOU! :-D

Quick update....

So this reallly is mostly for people who are in my groups, looking for challenges and banners and so on but I thought that a quick journal update might be in order for anyone else I have neglected on here recently.…

So August I was doing really well, on fire almost all groups had features, challenges and vouchers were up to date and everything was going swimmingly… until I became rather ill just before the end.

Well 5 weeks to the day later I was fine, finally, but of course the last thing I was going to be able to do was rush back to online things.

Finally anyway, I was able to catch up on features, things are going as they should there and on time and to plan etc… however challenges have come to a stand. I did some but then things happened on the days when I was to finish what I started.

Macmillan - WORKING for/with people and families dealing with Cancer. Group of people - WALKING for Macmillan.

Once upon a time there was a small group of people who all worked for a guy named Bill. Through trials and tribulations, work related or otherwise! Bill would be there as a boss and as a friend.…

Bill is still there but retired and here’s the catch, terminally ill with cancer.

Being who he is, it has not got him down but he had heard of an organisation called MacMillan. Recently there have been TV ads about them and now finally I understand what they do.

Yes, there are nurses but rather than just bed baths and beside manner and all the other things that nurses have to do for people, they go to his house and make sure he has the accessibility he needs. They give advice to him and his wife for legal matters. They are on hand for anyone who wants to call concerned about conditions, giving sup

Positive Stuff

Had a peaceful night only woken up once. Got Isobel cat milk which used to disagree with her but which she loves. Am still in bed now watching cartoons, listening to her eating some tuna… she’s eating and i’m keeping my back still and we’re going a few hours at a time. Am getting hopeful that maybe i can bring her home tomorrow but am prepared enge alternative. Meanwhile am typing this on my phone which is slowing right down so i’ll leave this here for now :-)

Things that are going on here.....

I do spend most of my life in cyberspace… to the point of obsession sometimes, even addiction, depending upon what/where etc…. however at the moment there is a lot going on.…

I already wrote about falling down some stairs at work, maybe only in Theme Thursday Feature Friday when I featured 12 steps (hah…)

I went to the hospital and got that checked out. Nothing broken. Pain not gone but I was not taking enough meds apparently so let that carry on as much as it needs to.

NOW though the pain has not lessened any. Why? Because Isobel’s health has deteriorated rapidly. I adopted her almost 2 years ago after meeting her one cold January day by the North Sea. Her prognosis was not good. If I had her for 6 months it would be a miracle. Not one but TWO Christmases with her later and her appetite h

Mobile friendly no more - finally found the link :-)

Finally found this, I forgot how I got to the link and lost it. Anyway this is just something I started in November after not being able to reply to comments on my work from my phone, something that I have done more or less since I joined the site… even my phone homepage (ovi browser on symbian) is set as “mybubble/commentsandreplies” or whatever the URL is you know what I mean.…

Anyway if you too have used your phone a lot on this site and find it frustrating that it is no longer mobile friendly here is the discussion

I said long ago that I would no longer complain about the new layout if sales improve and they have, drastically too… this is not about that as such it is simply about accessing the site from a mobile phone.

For the people lucky enough to have a mobile phone that not only ta

1st sale of the year

Thanks to whoever bought the 1st card of the year, the 2nd person to buy my Antipodean Giraffes overlooking the harbour in Sydney.

What you looking at?!

After a wonderful run of sales at the end of the last year I was very happy to see on my Facebook feed that I made a sale :-)

If it was one of you out there who bought it anonymously, I thank you.

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