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Macmillan - WORKING for/with people and families dealing with Cancer. Group of people - WALKING for Macmillan.

Once upon a time there was a small group of people who all worked for a guy named Bill. Through trials and tribulations, work related or otherwise! Bill would be there as a boss and as a friend.

Bill is still there but retired and here’s the catch, terminally ill with cancer.

Being who he is, it has not got him down but he had heard of an organisation called MacMillan. Recently there have been TV ads about them and now finally I understand what they do.

Yes, there are nurses but rather than just bed baths and beside manner and all the other things that nurses have to do for people, they go to his house and make sure he has the accessibility he needs. They give advice to him and his wife for legal matters. They are on hand for anyone who wants to call concerned about conditions, giving support to family as well as the ill people. There is so much paperwork that has to be done and they are there. I don’t think that there is anything that they don’t do…. and they are volunteers!!

So… an idea came to anther person “let’s do a walk and raise money for someone on behalf of Bill but while he is well enough, we do not want this to be in memory, etc”

Bill was approached and said that it was a wonderful idea but could we make sure that the recipient was MacMillan.

So on the 17th June 2012 a whole bunch of people will be walking round a 10 mile (18km) route, with 3 main stages for people who can only manage a few miles but also plenty of other places where you can come and go…. It was not too hard to map the route but was hard emotionally of course to get the full information pack ready.


Why am I telling you this?

  1. Some of you might want to join us but PLEASE Bubblemail me if you do!!
  1. Some of you might be willing to share the JustGiving.com link with others? Tweeting/Retweeting really helps

The link to my fundraising page which in turn links to the walking team’s profile is here at JustGiving.com

I have Tweeted a link already, if you are on Twitter, you will see this at ’@ellismorleyphto Please do feel free to Retweet it, if you don’t mind doing so.

Other RedBubblers Walking and members of the team are:


Thank you to the members who have already helped our cause through my Facebook promotion including

George Row

I shall of course be taking photographs on the walk and when I put them up for sale on or offline, ALL profits will go directly to MacMillan.

For anyone out there who is dealing with this most evil of diseases, you are NOT alone. Give Macmillan Cancer Support a call or email. Even if you just want to chat, they are there for you.

I wish that I had heard of these people when my mother was ill, I think that she would have been a lot less scared and a little more independent. However, now that I know about them and now that Bill has told us first hand about the work that they do, I really think that raising awareness is a Good Thing.

Thank you for reading (thank you an extra time if you have checked out the links/tweeted this!)


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