Thankyou! I really appreciate it!

So, thankyou to everyone who has looked at my work so far.

I thank everyone who comments on my photos personally, but of course I cannot do that for people who just pass through.

I am flattered at how many people have favourited my work too. If I have not yet thanked you, I am doing that here :-)

What I have been most shocked at is that the last 2 days, I have uploaded work and had instant comments and favouritings! Amazing. THANKYOU :-)

Meanwhile, I cannot upload to here, nor to Facebook (although the latter just took about 10 minutes and about 95% of the bar to tell me that!) so I shall leave you with what I have so far, let you know that my lesser works (cell phone images and “cool but not great” shots etc) are posted (and mapped!!!!) at Flickr. Which I can now spell! Yay!!!

Take care everyone and feel free to drop me a line if you are passing through! :-)

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