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The only time I stay in one place, I’m sleeping or doing a realistic impression of a zombie.,

Days or Weeks, Not Months

That’s what I have been told now about my grandfather. He is in a palliative care home, which is a place where they make patients feel as comfortable as possible, either to go home, to get better quicker, or in my grandfather’s case, to prepare for end of life.

That is indeed how it sounds. I’m “on call” as next of kin but as my wonderful co-Bubbler Themis suggested, I am doing my very best to look after myself too. My “other” and I took our newly renewed season tickets to London Zoo and I THINK I got some good photos there. None of the tiger cubs, they were hiding but the new cheetahs (not good enough to publish), the daddy tiger and OF COURSE lots of birds. No otters… we arrived after feeding time so as we only had a few hours, went and saw the other side of the zoo. Yes, even with a season ticket we can not do it all in 4 hours, not even half of it…. so I do not understand how people can be through it in 2 hours… anyway… there’s that and a day trip to Brussels, which should have been Paris but we could not get staff rates on the preferred 2 trains going out and also there was NO availability on any train to come home. So Brussels is closer and honestly, I prefer it in so many ways.

Of course if I get The Call I shall go and deal with what I need to do but I shall try not to feel too guilty about having one day to myself. I’m tired and no good to anyone if i am completely exhausted or ill with stress.

So I am OK but at the detriment of my groups.

I still need someone to either help moderate (only) OR take over Sunny Days and Blue Skies please but other than that, I shall be back when I can. :-D

Hope you are all well and for those of you in the UK enjoying the sunshine (I saw it for about 30 minutes today!)


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