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Life on hold again

For the first time in my life I cancelled a flight. Shockingly I did not lose the whole amount, I got my tax back but anyway… it was not a holiday as such, it was a trip to Norway to the town there that I call home (I lived there, wow, 19 years ago) and to see my friends/ex boss etc. My mind is not there though. My friend cannot speak English and my brain is not in a “I can cope with English let alone other languages right now” frame.

It started with an elusive passport. Nothing new there. It will be in That Kitchen Drawer or That Pocket in That Bag or in That place that I shall not tell you about because, well, you know, you may come and take it. Anyway it will be there, somewhat “In the way” in that I shall see it every day for 2 weeks. Until I move it because I need the passport number for something or I need to go to the bank or I need to collect something from the post office or any other venture requiring identity. Joy. So it always goes missing before a trip. The more I am looking forward to a trip, the deeper it hides. Once I threw it in a communal dumpster but that’s a different story. I did not realise until time had passed but remember the story about needing to collect something from the post office? Well, that item and the passport have never been seen again. Sigh.

Well, I was going to make time to find the passport although already had “I am not destined to go on this trip” vibes.

Sure enough a few days later, off to my grandfather’s I went and the house was empty. A cursory glance at the redial on his phone and yup, the last number called was 999. He’d had time to leave the house sparkly but anyway he’s back in hospital. Oh, he’s OK, just needs assistance at the moment as his breathing is bad. Low blood pressure, fluid on his lungs and hopefully he’ll be out after a procedure (and not before, he was before told that he would be sent home and then called back in for the procedure… until they realised that was a Bad Idea..)

So I still had not made up my mind about travelling until a few days before I was to make my final decision: Some scallywag over in the US of A decided to somehow go into a store and use my credit card to purchase a burn phone (nothing cool, oh very British people, it’s just a PAYG phone) or a top up for that or something. Seemed to be for $50 but anyway, said card (which was sitting pretty in my wallet, I hasten to add!) was blocked and there was my 3rd sign.

Anyway, as much as I think you are all very awesome, Redbubble is very low on my priority list. Not the lowest, but low enough.,

I have not abandoned anything, I do not need help, I just need more time. :-)

As the terminator would say It’s nothing Personal. I’ll be back.

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