Melbourne Meet Up

Following this earlier journal I am now “fully booked” with meeting up with people while I am in Melbourne with several Bubblers already onboard with group and individual meet ups.


On the 10th February, you, you and especially YOU are welcome to join me for a drink or 5 (mine is water or diet coke but you can have whatever you like!) from around 6pm on the 10th. No worries if you are later than that.

I shall be packing in the morning, calming myself for the trip before me and generally not doing much, certainly not going further than St. Kilda, even if I do decide to leave the CBD. So in the late afternoon/very early evening I shall be free for a couple of hours (will need to go by the latest 9pm as I shall be up at around 5 the next morning)

I may be daft and be telling you where I shall be in a general sense on here, however, for full details of WHERE my farewell party will be, you will need to Bubblemail me as this is of course public. :-) All I will need is the fact you are coming, an approximate time and for you to come and enjoy yourself.

You can of course reply to this thread too but specific details beyond “5pm on Monday 10th February” and “Melbourne CBD” will be confined to Bubblemails. If you are new or old to Redbubble, no problem but if you are new, or if we have never seen each other on here until now, please introduce yourself a little. While I have heard of many many people through my groups, I don’t know everyone :-)

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