Getting there slowly

So things are improving slowly but surely with my health. It’s 2 steps forward and 1 back, rather than the other way around, so that’s great.…

Right now I am exhausted but that’s my work schedule as much as anything else.

A couple of days in Norway coming up and then it’s Christmas (already!!!)

So no Festive Features this year – at least not this side of Boxing day – but thinking of each and every one of you (if I know who you are) and in a general sense all members of my groups. Which are also not forgotten.

I have a follow up in the hospital in February and am confident that if nothing else happens between now and then, that the respiratory people will tell me that I am ok with the treatment I have been given…. it’s sad that I spent so long being bored on here, keeping up with groups etc

Health Update.

Not asthma, yay. Not that I thought it was.…

Vitamin D deficiency was found by luck, 6 tablets a day for 2 months. Add to that a little break to Texas and Vegas at the end of the month and hopefully the sunshine levels will start to return to my system. ;-)

So not asthma but still having breathlessness problems. Cannot yet work out if the vitamins helped or not, as my annual cold arrived bang on time (last few days of September/first few days of October, like clockwork!). Getting over that and touch wood it didn’t develop into a chest infection: although the breathing and cough have made me concerned that it might.

I wish that I was able to muster the energy to do Bubble stuff. I still think of all my Bubblefriends and Group Members every day. I just can’t do more than think about you at t

SOLD!! A squirrel sticker :-D

Thank you to the person who bought a sticker, featuring this cute squirrel from Regents Park. Presumably met going to London Zoo one day. I can’t believe it was 4½ years ago since I took this! :-)

I appreciate your purchases, your support and your patience.

Quick Update

Thank you for all the sales, most recently my Squirrel in Regents Park.

I’ve not had the mental energy to drag out my laptop at home and my breathing, while improved, is still not “right” so physical energy also has a lot to do with that.

There is not a day when I am not thinking about my groups and this site – I just need to stay on sabbatical.

Thank you to the people who have contacted me about my groups. I have no intention of leaving or closing any of the groups I have now… I just know that I need to look after myself more than other things at this time.

I am getting there, I really am feeling positive about things, as stated, my health is getting there slowly, I think… I just need more time.

Still around

Wow, life certainly knows how to get in the way!…

In October things were great, I was doing features, things were fine, I was turning 40 and featured a lot of things for that. I then felt really really down and drained, enough that I was going to cancel my 3 night trip to Iceland. I’m glad I didn’t cancel, it was amazing, but I was in a very low place.

In November I developed some virus that gave me vertigo. I was given tablets for that, which worked for a while, enough that it also cleared the anxiety stopping me going to get anti-depressants – which I then went and got.

In early December off I went, new meds in hand, to America. The side effects were horrible for a few days but I still had an amazing time, riding horses, visiting ghost towns and generally chilling and enjoying the Vegas

SOLD! A poster of a shoebill stork

One of my favourite bird photos which is of a shoebill, has been sold today as a poster! Thank you so much to the person who has bought this!

I am always delighted when a card/postcard sells but simply humbled and truly honoured when someone buys a poster or cushion etc to display to their world. Thank you again.

SOLD! 2 more Otter Birthday Cards! :-)

A very happy new year so far – sold one Otter Birthday Card on 3rd January….. and sold another Otter Birthday card on the 4th. :-D


I wish you all a happy new year too and look forward to seeing what you draw/photograph/create in 2016. :-D

Sold my first calendar - Thank you!

Fitting that my first ever calendar to be sold (other than the 2 I bought myself which were personalised for friends) was my Otter Calendar.

THANK YOU to whoever purchased it. I hope that you or your recipient love it. I do enjoy the RB calendars, they are great paper quality, I just don’t have the wall space to keep them for myself. :-)

Thank you, sold a greetings card of.. my Teddy Bears on the QE2....

What a surprise to sell a greetings card of my 2 Teddy Bears – Teddy Edward and Plug looking out at Reykjavík from my cabin on the QE2.

I thought maybe someone bought it for me for my 40th, because it was coming up to my birthday – AND because a week afterwards I was flying out to Reykjavík. But no. So some kind stranger is sharing the love of my oldest “brothers” with someone out there.

I hope that they are met with smiles. :-)

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