By Elizabeth Melendez

I run out of the door as the bell starts ringing. I run even faster knowing that they aren’t far behind me. I can almost hear their voices
“Where’s Paul?”
“He ran out just a minute ago.”
“Let’s get him!”

These thoughts make me go even faster. I feel the adrenaline pulsing through my veins. I take an alley, climb a fence. I almost there, almost safe. I look behind me to check that no one is following me. SLAM! I crash right into a wall. Wait a moment it is not a wall, it’s… But it can’t be I got out of the school early! It’s John Davis.

“Matterson” he says “thought you could get away! But you must have known I would get you. This chasing will cost a little extra.”
Grudgingly I take out 5 dollars from my pocket and hand it to him.
“Five dollars!” he says “That is what you normally pay, when you go through my hall in school, but today we are in my street, and here passage is more expensive.”
“I don’t have any more, you took all I have!”
" Well… You put me in a very difficult position, I guess… if you can’t pay with money you’ll pay with blood!"

I feel my pulse quicken , and desperately try to make a run for it, but he trips me. I fall face forward, he raises me by my collar and hits me in the face.
“Wait!” I say “Stop!”
I quickly reach into my pocket and take out twenty dollars. He snatches it from my hand and lets me go. I fall once again on the street and stay there. I hear him laugh triumphantly. He kicks me in the stomach. I lay there on the street breathing deeply and hear him leave.


I’m ready. I am gonna walk in and blow that guy off his feet. I will be so good that he will hire the instant the interview is over. I’m sitting in one of New York’s most important offices the headquarters of Citibank, waiting impatiently to be called in. I wait and wait and wait. Finally the girl behind the desk calls out my name
“John Davis” she looks around expectantly.
I stand up " That would be me"
“Mr. Matterson is waiting for you at his office”.
I walk to the door and slowly open it. I look around and see a short, man with glasses and dark hair. He looks vaguely familiar, as if I once dreamt about him.
“Mr Davis please, sit down” he says.
He has a low squeaky. I have to fight the urge to laugh. I sit down and look around as he begins to go over my resume. This office is expensively furnished, and has a professional air about it. I especially like the large bookcase mahogany behind the desk. This bookcase has some picture frames,and their photos show a small, nerdy looking boy. Wait a moment that boy, I knew him, but surely it couldn’t be! What are the chances of seeing him again after all these years! The same bad haircut, the same glasses, the same… Yes it’s him. I breathe in deeply. I must remain calm. I must not show any sign of recognition and I must pray that he won’t remember me.
“Mr Davis” he says interrupting my anxious thoughts, “you have a very good resume, but I must ask, do you remember me?”
I give him (what I hope is ) a puzzled expression.
“But surely you must remember me, Paul Matterson, the little boy who you use to beat up and steal money from.”
I smile weakly and nod.
He smiles back, “Don’t worry, you must surely know that I won’t hold anything against you, that is all water under the bridge, I am a very professional man, so this will be a new start for you.”
I smile gratefully but I prepare myself to run from the office just in case it gets nasty. And then the questions begin.
“So, Mr. Davis where did you study?”
“At the Spanish Institution in Brooklyn.”
“Really not a very good college from what I’ve heard. They will accept everybody, even bird brains and nitwits”
My smile falters, but he doesn’t notice, and the interview continues. Question after, question, insult after insult. I get tired of it and stand up to go saying that I need to get home. His smile falters and for a moment I see him look at me coldly, but then he smiles more brightly than before.
“Okay, then” he says “thank you for your time, we will be communicating with you shortly, either to tell you if our hired or not.”

I flee from the room. I reach the street and heave a big sigh. Well, I definitely didn’t get the job, but at least the ordeal is over. I head home on the subway and on the way I contact the job agency, so they could start looking all over again. I walk in my door and immediately notice that the red light on the answering machine is flashing. I click the button and stop in surprise.
“Mr. Davis I am calling from Mr. Matterson’s office, he has decided to hire you. He asks if you can start working immediately, the sooner the better. Please call Mr. Matterson’s as soon as you receive the message, his number is…”
I quickly grab a pen and write the number. I pick up the phone and dial.

“Hello” I hear the squeaky voice and immediately know who it is.
“Hello Mr. Matterson, it’s me John Davis, I am so glad you hired me, and I assure that that you won’t regret it”
“Mr. Davis I am pleased you received our message, as you surely heard my secretary say, we need you to start working as soon as possible, so I was wondering if you could possibly show up tomorrow.”
I quickly say that I can, we talk a while about old acquaintances and then we hang up. Well that definitely wasn’t bad at all, it looks like the man had really forgotten all that has happened between us.

I wake early the next day,and get ready as fast as I can. I arrive at the office thirty minutes early, the lady that yesterday called my name comes up and leads me toward a small cubicle. She explains what I need to do and leaves soon afterward. I start working, first going slowly, then a little bit faster. I feel very proud of myself as I walk into the cafeteria. I am adapting to system faster than I thought possible. I sit with some of my colleagues and start talking. I finish and stand up so I can get to work again, and I almost walk into Mr. Matterson. I stop just in time. He looks at me and says,
“John, can I call you John” I nod and he continues, " this afternoon my nephews will be visiting and I will expect you to baby sit them. Have you ever heard the phrase time is money" I nod again “well my is worth thousands, and if you or my nephews disturb, money will be taken from your paycheck. For every minute that you distracted sixty dollars will be take. Do you understand?”
I look up at him too stunned to say anything. He will what? I will what? I absolutely will not baby sit, but…he is my boss. I look up at his expectant face. Sigh and say “Yes.”

He smiles, and then says “Right now I have an important meeting with Donald Trump you will also be going to it.” I look up surprised, will this be a reward for agreeing to be his personal baby sitter.
I nod, with real enthusiasm this time. He gestures for me to follow him, we get into the elevator, and go to the top floor. We walk until we come to some big expensive looking doors. I take a deep breath and walk in.

That had to be the most embarrassing moment of my life. I was just sitting there happily marveling over m good luck, when suddenly they started talking about the sub-prime mortgage crisis and its effects in the economy. Then they asked my opinion about it, I didn’t even know what they were talking about, so I just sat there for a minute with everyone staring at and said that I agreed. That is when everyone started laughing,and laughing. I faked a laugh and joined in, but hate damages was done, they didn’t look at me for the rest of the meeting. I just sat there feeling left out and miserable, and that is when I pieced it together. Towards the end of the meeting, Mr. Matterson suddenly requested that I went to the “really good” Moroccan restaurant five blocks away to get them all lunch. And man, those guys can sure eat. I had to take three trips to the restaurant to get all the food. Plus most of them ordered hot soups. By the end of the meeting I had probably had ran five kilometers, and burned and wet every part of my body.

As a ran back and fort from the office to the restaurant I finally figured it out : my evil boss has set me up. He must have had a strong inclination that I wouldn’t know anything about the subject, so he SET ME UP! Everything absolutely everything had been an act, he had plotted all of this. He wanted to get revenge. I spent my jogs thinking about how I could solve this. I finally decided, to go and talk to him. We could surely figure this out as gentlemen, but first I had to deal with his nephews.
They arrived exactly a three. I had expected, them to be quiet and obedient as their uncle had been. All my hopes were shattered. They were problably more related to me than to Mr. Matterson . There were four of them, and they were rowdy, loud, and disobedient. Most of the time I was baby sitting them I was actually looking for one or the other. When I’d find one I would instruct them to stay there, only to come a few minutes later, to find hm gone. When they had finally left I felt absolutely exhausted.

But before I left I had to do something important. I walked to his office door, knocked and walked in.

He looked up at me, put down his pen, and asked “Is there anything you want to talk about John?”
I stared at him swallowed and started saying the words that I had rehearsed all day in my head.
“Mr. Matterson, I’m sorry that I bullied you in high school, but I really think that as mature men we should be able to forgive and forget. If you continue being like this towards me, you will be the BULLY. Do you really want that Mr. Matterson?”

He looked at me pensively and starts nodding towards me " You know John you’re quite right. I should be a professional about this. I wouldn’t want to be a bully." He was quiet for a moment and then said "John thank you for coming in this afternoon, you made me realize something important. I could never quite forgive you for doing those things, so…

You’re fired!


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A bully after several years finally learns his lesson?

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