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Re-shooting paintings, and it’s taking time smiles

Painting is a journey, it is the way I mark my path through life.

It ‘is’ the process or doing of ‘Art’ or the ‘journey’ not the destination…and Creativity and healing are very much connected as they both process energy through the hands.

‎"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way — things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O’Keeffe

(with learning disabilities words often escape me and with the words above she conveys my thoughts)

I love ‘positive’, educated critiques so feel free.
If there is something I should change, please let me know..Thanks..And if anyone wishes ‘my’ critique just ask.

It truly is a human connection I seek to share with others in the experience of what I’ve created.. For me this comes from a great need to do the ’ working’ of it, the ‘creating’ of it, to put onto paper what my soul sees, what and how I can make my ‘marks’, in whatever way moves me, to share my experience of feeling it.

I’ve called my art Heartfelt Art as it seems to apply to my core being.

I know I paint out of a need to express my feelings and emotions, and hopefully make a connection with the viewer, and I hope my sensitivities comes through to others, but more importantly I just need to express myself in this way for me.

I feel things so strongly that I am compelled to create a feeling of them, be it drawing, painting or pen and inks…I love nature, emotions, the human connection, the things that make us who we are and how we feel.
Birds, flowers, figures, my own feelings and such are often seen within my works.
I hope the viewer is moved in a positive way by what I create, no matter the medium.

The ‘hidden images’ emerge within my works as my subconscious comes forth and shows me a deeper meaning to what I was creating, so often you can find these within my works…

I am on a path to being the best artist I can be, and I’ve found from some deep pains and tragedies come great creations. I’ve also taken classes for over thirty years now and I will continue to take workshops and classes as I feel one can always learn more as my teacher and fellow students teach me all the time. Plus the great people of RB that teach me!

So I take in my world, and try to express it through my perspective and hope it resonates with others who may feel as I do, or perhaps I can show them a new way of seeing perhaps. I hope my art inspires others as well as theirs do mine.

All images are copyright © Ellen Keagy (Henke). All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission is prohibited..

I love ‘positive’, educated critiques so feel free.
If there is something I should change, please let me know..Thanks..

Art Education;

My first classes were in Oils, then I found Watercolors and found my forte! I feel Watercolors best help me express my sensitive nature with their light, freshness. I now experiment with Acrylics and just love them too. Adding Acrylics to my Watercolors has given me a new perspective that I just love. They help me achieve a darker value which is so difficult for me to achieve with just watercolors alone. I’ve worked in Clay, Jewelry making and Pen and Inks and of course Drawing, the backbone of Art I feel.

I’ve taken Design, Color Theory, Photoshop, Computer Graphics, Drawing, Sculpting and a few others as well..
Drawing is an anxiety reducing activity for me as well as a need.
I have had many great teachers starting with Patricia Abraham, Gary Pruner, Rex Brandt, Dwight Eberly, James Estys, Jan Miskulin and others…but some of my best ‘teachers’ are other artists and life itself!

I’ve painted for thirty some years now and it’s a need I have just like breathing…My daughter and daughter-in-law both just gave me two more beautiful grandsons, so I am now the Grandma to three Grandsons! so my thoughts and ideas run to new life, growth, spirituality, all things ethereal or dreamlike and I am more likely to paint ‘feelings’ or ‘emotions’ than actual photorealism works.

I was born in Southern Ca. and raised there and my first experience with Art was with trying to eat some crayons, so I bit into the Arts as it were. I am a fourth generation artist of whom none have made Art their career choice, just their passions. I feel I get my desire to use pen and ink often due to my father’s love of making etchings and having Art hung on the walls as I grew up I feel I absorbed ‘Art’. I was fortunate to have had a father who collected others etchings, lithographs and art and who let me watch as he created in his studio, garage. I will add some of my father’s art in the future.
I moved to the Sacramento area with my, then husband, and raised two beautiful children, all the while taking classes and painting or creating when I could steal moments. I even set my kids up with their own paints and paper so I could get a little painting done.

I am a Grandma of three beautiful boys and hope to paint them soon…I’ve already painted my daughter and daughter in law when they were pregnant.

I have learning disabilities, or challenges, comprehension-wise. Just be patience with me please…

I will work on resizing my images in the future.

I can be found on FACEBOOK as EllenKeagyHenke..

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