Joined March 2008

Ellen Jaye Benson Visual Artist/Educator – / a.k.a. ‘elle jaye rose’ (my frustrated dark illustrator & social commentator hat)...

Zombie Blondie Sticker $2.98
Vamp Jarvis Sticker $2.98
Vamp Deal Sticker $2.98
'Hide n' Snare' Sticker $2.98
Were Gordon Sticker $2.98
Zombie P J Sticker $2.98
Zombie Nico Sticker $2.98
'Old Man Thinks Sky Too Heavy' Sticker $2.98
Vamp Neko Sticker $2.98
'Salutations from the Sea' Sticker $2.98
'I am Procrastinating' Sticker $2.98
Stringy Sticker $2.98
Blow Worm Sticker $2.98
'List of Things that hold things Up or Together' Sticker $2.98
'He Assured her he was feeling Hunky Dory' Sticker $2.98
"shopping with Oscar Wilde" Sticker $2.98
'Fitzroy Mock n' Roll' Sticker $2.98
Zombie Curtis Sticker $2.98
Bottle Flu Sticker $2.98
'Where all the Missing Game Parts go...' Sticker $2.98
Night Signs 4 Lonely Folk #1 Sticker $2.98
Aloof Melbourne Rock Boy Warning Sticker $2.98
Vamp Chrissie Sticker $2.98
'Zombie Dating Agency' Sticker $2.98
'Song Writer' Sticker $2.98
'Ratcat Groupie' Sticker $2.98
'David Lynch Family Tree' Sticker $2.98
Zombie Waits Sticker $2.98
'Nobody Writes Letters Anymore' Sticker $2.98
'Bunch of Spooks' Sticker $2.98
'Allo Sailor x' Sticker $2.98
Were Cyndi Sticker $2.98
'Pretty Melbourne Boys are Aloof' Sticker $2.98
'Idols of Worship that in times of Desperation I have Attempted to Invoke' Sticker $2.98
Celebrating Birth Sticker $2.98
'Shiny Lucky Cat' Sticker $2.98
'Our Pirate Teeth' Sticker $2.98
Were Siouxsie Sticker $2.98
Curiouser and Curiouser Sticker $2.98
'Cowboy are you getting too Big for your Boots?' Sticker $2.98
'Dreams of a Northcote Rockstar' Sticker $2.98
Toil and Trouble... Ugly Babies of Red Bubble Sticker $2.98
'Sensitive New-Romantic' Sticker $2.98
'Goth Broth' Sticker $2.98
'Dreamy Miller Shirt wearer from Brunswick' Sticker $2.98
Peacock#2 Sticker $2.98
'Broken Love China' Sticker $2.98
'Self-Harmer Support' Sticker $2.98
'Ruby Rose' Sticker $2.98
Art Deco Floral Mandala Sticker $2.98
'What Colour is Your Poison' Sticker $2.98
Night Signs 4 Lonely Folk #3 Sticker $2.98
'Adam's Breakfast Chino' Sticker $2.98
'Smarty Pants' Sticker $2.98
'Pia Croc' (Drag Racer Series) Sticker $2.98
'Angry Horses Await' Sticker $2.98
"Snow White" Sticker $2.98
Minotaur Sticker $2.98
Peacock#1 Sticker $2.98
Holiday Snaps on Red Bubble... Dull and Creepy! Sticker $2.98
'Bull Run Sale' Sticker $2.98
'Ikebana T.V.' Sticker $2.98
Too Busy Minded Sticker $2.98
'Robert Hock: The Perfect Shot' Sticker $2.98
'Tides n' Tribulations' Sticker $2.98
Today at Beauty School Sticker $2.98
Artist Comrades I... Love Love Love on Red Bubble Sticker $2.98
'Will My Saturn Returns Ever End' Sticker $2.98
'Indy-Go-Anna' (Drag Racer Series) Sticker $2.98
"Middle Finger Puppet" Sticker $2.98
'whole' Sticker $2.98
'Pictures of Phones that Never Answered my Calls' Sticker $2.98
'Pocket Heart' Sticker $2.98
Pencil Skirt...Sigh... Sticker $2.98
'Khaki Rose' Sticker $2.98
"If Only He Realised..." Sticker $2.98
'What'cha doin' Ray?' Sticker $2.98
'The White Album' Sticker $2.98
Peacock#3 Sticker $2.98
'Carmen Verandah' (Drag Racer Series) Sticker $2.98
ever so 'tasteful' nudes... filtered by prudes on redbubble Sticker $2.98
'Fine & Dandy' Sticker $2.98
'Dylan's Dust Bunnies' Sticker $2.98
'Westgarth Shop Lady Wrath' Sticker $2.98
'Snotty Boy Bubbles' Sticker $2.98
Equus-Man Sticker $2.98
'This Bin houses All Gifts of Love that are Unreciprocated' Sticker $2.98
Small, Awkward & Intimate #1. Sticker $2.98
'Greetings from the Wobbly Faces of Concern" Sticker $2.98
Filling Hollow Paul Sticker $2.98
BABY aBscONDS: Avalon  Sticker $2.98
'Mrs Teapot Drinks Too Much...' Sticker $2.98
BABY aBscONDS: Ahlyra Sticker $2.98
'Fairy Bwead' Sticker $2.98
'Lust Theorum' Sticker $2.98
'Two Stinkin Days' Sticker $2.98
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