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Ellen Jaye Benson Visual Artist/Educator – / a.k.a. ‘elle jaye rose’ (my frustrated dark illustrator & social commentator hat)...

Arbitary Observations Involving a Pen and a Pot of Tea

ellejayerose wants to come visit you! (If your local) …

She begs you to let her observe and record you in the comfort of your abode, where you are most likely to be most human and most you (unless you have a freaky house mate that tinkers with your things so you are always on edge)…

I really NEED to get back into observing and recording, getting lost in conversation, forgetting about the past and future getting lost in the present temporal. This year I wish to be extremely disciplined in my use of time and energy and wish to find people who would be honoured to become part of my work and part of my creative mania.

please email me for more info if you are interested. Put the kettle on and invite me round :)

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