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Ellen Jaye Benson Visual Artist/Educator – / a.k.a. ‘elle jaye rose’ (my frustrated dark illustrator & social commentator hat)...

'ellejayerose' matyrs herself for the sake of photographic collaboration

followers of rosecam – am opening up the view-finder to the possibility of collaboration with stylists/photographers interested in pushing the boundaries of the frame, the self, the other.

If you are interested in spending a day clicking the shutter, robing my form, editing or critiquing images of ‘ellejayerose’

comment here – what you like about my webcam series and how you could contribute to my conversation.

Note I am not offering myself as some submissive helmet newton objectified pin-up here – I remain open to the idea of nudity, but elusive narrative and character depiction is core to this potential investigation. I am not interested in hoiking up my boobs in pvc or playing damsel in some other stereotypical soft-porn parody.

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