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Ellen Jaye Benson Visual Artist/Educator – / a.k.a. ‘elle jaye rose’ (my frustrated dark illustrator & social commentator hat)...


Sneak Peek at New Works

These two works have been created for a small group show opening tomorrow (Fri 14 September) at 6:30pm at Studio 19 in Wollongong Mall (above hideaway cafe). Here are some colloquial pics of the works taken in home studio and the invite pic – come along if you can.


My ego has decided to cull a heap of designs that I consider to be weaker or less appreciated art tees and cards. I think it is time for me to reflect and only house what I consider to be the awesome stuff. My conscience has enforced me to give you all ONE WEEKS notice before my critical eye goes to town and starts slashing designs while reciting ‘EXTERMINATE’ in my best darlek voice.

'Facepaint' new works of elle jaye rose

‘Facepaint’, is a digital painting series in postcard format, exploring how we popify the personal in the online social realm of facebook. Online friends are the cyber-stars of our screens, letting us both watch and be part of their cyber conversations. In facebook pages, our intimate relationships are challenged by constant interruptions from unfamiliar people in the forms of pictures, comments on walls and tags in status updates. We are intrigued by these foreign identities who serve as mystical background noise in our online conversation.…

Mostly constructed using tools an artist would use palette, brushes, blur, smudge etc. some images calculatedly employ filters with duplicated layers so some areas can be faded or erased rather than a dependency on letting the computer tell me where.

Elle Jaye Rose welcomes 'Avalon Violet' ( affectionately 'Ava Lottie')

Many of you are aware I spent the last couple of months working on a calendar called Up the Duff Creek without a Paddle: Calendar Musings for Bewildered Mums to Be
where I vented my pregnancy growing pains into a dark humour self-help guide for pregnant ladies – that delves into all the unmentionables you are not alone mums!

Proud to announce, little Avalon Violet has entered the world – and what an entry 39 hour labour to push out a 9.8 pounder! As soon as Avalon uses her sensory motor skills to produce artwork she will no doubt have her own redbubble page :)

Wow! A Ted Blackall painting of miss ellejayerose to add to my humble art collection!

Artist comrades inspire, bewild, enchant, comfort & astound without them I would be lost. Thanks to the land of the internerd Artist Ted Blackall (now TedRoger on rb) has become a treasured friend and muse – I am overwhelmed with emotion as I post a pic of his beautiful depiction of one of my rose cam photos which is now housed in my bedroom. What a beautiful gift that couldn’t have arrived at a more needed time! THANKS TED! I can only hope you will be as delighted with my creation. I highly recommend the artist exchange system – better viewed by appreciative eyes than ‘investment collectors’! One can learn so much through exchange!


I just wanted to say yayayayayayay red bubble collections!
I must admit I wasn’t overly enthusiastic of the last layout change on rb – it seemed that people were only being exposed to works of mine labelled ‘popular’ or with some trendy tag… The ability to self-promote in an individual fashion is great! It allows you not to have to sift through shit you find irrelevant :) This intimate vibe will hopefully pull together redbubblers as a tighter nit community :)

Elle Jaye Rose Factory: Be Part of the Process! Warhol would say your contributions are far from secondary!

I am indebted to a multitude of scumbled texture layers inspired by found fabrics, wallpapers, wrapping papers, paint surfaces etc. that built up my femmage style fills in my recent project Up the Duff Creek without a Paddle: Calendar Musings for Bewildered Mums to be

This new patchwork style is involves alot of fun collecting and I want YOU to be a part of it! Send your favourite high resolution photographs of found wallpapers, fabrics, grounds etc. to miss elle jaye rose: zzzpirate@gmail.com and become part of my sourcing collection x

Up the Duff Creek without a Paddle: Calendar Musings for Bewildered Mums to Be

Yes… who would of thunk it but elle jaye rose is knocked up and the bun in the oven is about to pop! To celebrate and perhaps whine about my pregnancy experiences I have put together yet another dark humour sentimented calendar – this one informing mums to be of pregnancy unmentionables you may look forward to and tips for coping… only elle jaye rose would go there… some may say……

I am eternally grateful for my RB exposure – but a small RB criticism – calendar needs a MAGNIFYING GLASS as images are not brought to justice through the calendar link – you can not read the informative script that accompanies my quirky duff cartoons!

To take a proper peak at the calendar look in ‘artworks’ and be sure to click ‘recent’ on the drop down menu… Thanks for your ongoing support fans of elle jaye ros

Elle Jaye Rose thinks you should treat YOURSELF!

I know … it is that hideous time of year when myer guilted you into treating your dog, your painful chriskringle nominee from work, your abusive family members etc. with useless consumerist trinkets… NOW I SAY IT IS TIME TO TREAT YOURSELF!…

Here is my magical salt scrub recipe – especially good for those anxious types with skin allergies such as myself who suffers from oily, yet dry sensitive skin.
In a round chinese takeaway container (if you don’t have one treat yourself to a tub of fried rice also) prepare the following ingredients:

essential ingredients:
1-2 tablespoons of olive oil (or almond oil)
1 tablespoon of honey (if you are a rich yuppy use manuka)
iodised table salt (great skin purifyer)and white table sugar (mixed in slowly in equal proportions till you reach the top of the conta

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