T Shirt Comp... Cheap advert potential

Hello all… new here. Looks like an interesting life in this community.

Looking at the T shirt comp which is about to close, it looks to me like a great idea for cheap and effective (?) advertising for RB which the team is obviously hoping will be a reality.

I wonder if they have thought of the possibility of somehow offering a really dirt cheap price for all members here to buy one of the designs and wear it… which I’m sure we all would (!?!) as it it also part of self promotion. But most artists are broke of course and are always looking for a super bargain.

Not sure how this could be done… say maybe a cost price T shirt with design as payment for first sale (it could be optioned in as part of joining details)… or maybe just cost price if we promise to wear it non-stop… night and day for 3 months… or a further competition with prize going to the member who keeps their shirt on the longest…. (and still proves they have a friend)… or maybe the winner could be whomever gets best press with T shirt on within 3 months… or maybe special T shirt events…

The mind boggles with possibilities…

Further options anyone?

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