Ellen Cotton

Fremont, CA, United States

Being in my 60s I am a latecomer to photography. Yet I have found great satisfaction and pleasure in creating digital art from my...

Appreciation, Gratitude and Thanks!!!!

Well, I have to admit I’ve joined the ranks of addicted RBers since joining 7 months ago. It takes a force of will to pull myself away and get some sleep!

It has also been a learning experience, a lot of fun, and most important – a new community of wonderful friends. I feel extremely grateful to have met so many fine artists and compassionate souls here on RB. The first person to contact me and offer advice and support was Terri (DwCCreations): Soon I discovered fellow Ontarians, The Wojtaszeks (Stan Jr. & Sr.): – fun-loving and super-friendly, they made me feel right at home and are always there with a kind word of encouragement!
Then I came across Maureen Maliha: who has been a warm, compassionate support and friend to me and many, many others. Always there with positive comments, I am also very grateful to Rodeorose , AnnaShaw , Larry , LizaYorkston , Kieran O’Connor , Sean Janson , Barbara Brown , Ursula Rogers , Tara Turner , Portia Soderberg , Bela,Torok , Liane Pinel , Cee Neuner & Chris Donner and many others. Please take some time and check out all these incredibly talented artists’ works!

I’d also like to give a special thanks to hosts, Estes & Linda Bazor for giving me so much encouragement in featuring many of my images in Northern California Style group.

I’ve been most fortunate to have many of my works featured in the month of December, and I am very grateful to all the hosts who took notice of my efforts. I was especially surprised and delighted to have my image After the Rain triple featured in The Woman Photographer, Which Way and Around the World groups – as well as a 4th feature in Moody, Dark, Evocative today!! Thank you so very much to the hosts of these groups!!!

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