Melbourne, Australia

Capturing people being people, and the finer details of four and two wheeled blingy classic automotives – two fave...

Sth Melbourne character ... there's always at least one!

Had the great pleasure recently to spend a July afternoon trapsing South Melbourne
Market and surrounds with SITHOM’rs Claire Habby, Josh Hakman and Georgie Hart :-)

The original intent of the afternoon was to spend some time finding/capturing images of
any graffiti we could locate … ok, so as this image journal will show, I got a little side tracked ;-)

Georgie’s image journal of the same day :-)))

We thought we’d grab a coffee somewhere … but every trendy (as it turned out) local Sth Melb cafe had queues (???) … for a coffee? Eventually, we four found a fabulous place to sit and ‘waste’ a few mins over coffee – my waffle was delicious!!! :-)~

Below – there was a wheelie bin – Georgie said to move it
… so I did … you gotta watch the quiet ones ;-)))

Hanging room only … and yes, I got spotted ;-)

The chair was ‘pointing’ the wrong way … so Georgie said move it
… so I did … thank goodness we had Georgie along :-D

Even if you were 50/50 about oysters naturale, for a dollar you’d give them a go, yeah?
LOTS of people were :-)

The dim-sims of South Melbourne Market are so good they’re famous!
We didn’t stop to test for ourselves … shot from the hip

Stall holder … character, or strength of, to stand there all day …

Ok, who ordered this cheese?

Green or pink macaroons?

Getting ready for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party …

The hesitation …

“Hair-envy”? … errr, nup! Though, I do admire the dread-ication :-)

Gal in the beret is the end of the sweeping lengthy queue for Sth Melb’s famous dim-sims

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