*sigh* everythings gonna be downhill from here

hey all
just having a rant to make myself feel better.
my parents split up on monday. i got home from school. dad wasnt home. i thought it was weird. i found my mum in tears. she told me that dad had left. stupid me asked “for how long” and i heard the words i didnt wanna hear… “forever.”
i NEVER thought my parents would split up. i thought they were all happy happy joy joy….. but looks can be deceiving.
i’ve seen dad once since then, he seems happier. but i dont know how to handle everything.
i mean, im glad that dad is happier now, or so it seems, but i dont think i cant handle the split custody thing, and the “everyone gets halves” thing and the having to decide what belongs to who.
i just wanted to talk to people, and i thought here would be a good place coz most of you are grown-ups.
things have only clicked into my mind tonight, a week after all this happened. i feel like things are only going to get worse and that i’ve got no one to go to. even thought josh is living with me, he doesnt know how to handle things like this either.
help us?? please


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