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West Bend, United States

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Life On The Line

It was early this summer that I went to Wisconsin to help me sister with the care of my dad. I go quite often and my camera is my constant companion. But something started to change on this particular trip. Things popped out at me as if they were trying to tell me something. I heard the clothes pins voices. They peered through the kitchen window and told me to take notice. I saw how cool the shadows were that layered the window and created great texture to the colorful pins. So I took a few shots.

As the days passed and I played with the shots on the computer I loved the color and I felt that I needed to play with it a bit more. Before I knew it the clothes pins were throwing ideas at me right and left. I thought about the fact that people would know that the shots were staged, but I just kept on. I knew there was a reason.

Now even as I have finished my first calendar, I know it’s just a beginning. I don’t think I have even touched the surface of what the pins have to share. Their life on the line is one that can teach us lessons. Taking a risk is something that they never thought of until I started the project.

I hope you will enjoy the journey, as I explore their life on the line.

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