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West Bend, United States

Traditional, Digital & Photographic Artist / E L I Z A B E T H B R A V O / I am inspired by everything in life. / Nature,...


SoJie25, The last show for this season!!!

Let’s end the season with a bang!!! The web ring is up and still going strong.
I hope that you will take a moment to stop in and watch the Awards show for SoJie25!!
Every view counts and your support is so much appreciated.

Tomorrow. 8am my time….see what time it will be for you and pass this on!!

OCTOBER 30 (31) AWARDS SHOW – your local time
8 AM San Francisco, Vancouver, Wednesday
11 AM New York, Toronto, Wednesday
3 PM London, Lisbon, Wednesday
4 PM Paris, Copenhagen, Wednesday
5 PM Johannesburg, Beirut, Jerusalem, Wednesday
7 PM Moscow, Dubai, Wednesday
11 PM Perth, Beijing, Wednesday
Midnight Tokyo, Wednesday → Thursday
2 AM THURSDAY. Melbourne, Sydney

You can visit the show by clicking on the banner!!

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

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