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Am I ever Done?

Two days ago I went Christmas shopping. I spent over $500 on family members and friends. All year long I had did some Christmas shopping, so $500 was not my total. I spent on my husband’s family and mother-in-law, even though he passed away 5 years ago. I spent on my three children and their spouse and my grandchild. More was spent on my friends and a couple of grab bags. Thank goodness I saved my money each month for shopping, so I didn’t use any credit cards.

It has been snowing all day, so I decided to wrap the Christmas presents. Sorting the presents out, I put this family’s presents on the table, that family’s presents on the couch, my son’s family on the buffet. The stepfamily’s things were put on the computer table.

Now I need to do some more shopping. The presents are not even. My son didn’t get as much as his sisters, nor did my mother in law.

I am going to quit. Every year, I am going to quit. Maybe it will happen next year.

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