back injury

i pulled my back muscle today and it hurts so badly. its very uncomfortable damnitron.

anyway, i’m sitting on the couch straight up and down like a manequin and i think chris has spilled juice or coke probably all over his lap top and its all sticky. all of the letters are sticking as i type.

i love thai food.

my studio is still not completely moved into and i’m very excited to get it together. i think tattooing is terrible for my back. it is imperative that i do more yoga. i love tattooing art that is beautiful to me on people that are interesting to me. i hate tattooing stupid art on people that i do not like. thats what sucks about tattooing… art whoring. sometimes your clients are fucking creepy! like this one serial killer client i have. freak. anyway, these are my thoughts. i can type faster that i write. lets see who still likes me once they read my thoughts….

happy new year, tronuloids.

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