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Literary Journey started in 2007 / All my writing is a collection of poems also short storys the support from Newtown community also...

my India story

A Short Story

My Himalayan Experience.

It was the summer of 94 my mind was in the clouds as I was packing to go to India for 6mths, last of my possessions in storage, and my passport in hand, a rush to the Airport flight 789 bound for Calcutta,
I boarded the plane & before to long we were over the pacific and 1st stop Singapore & then Bangkok, oh was looking forward to seeing my Fathers old School in Darjeeling India.

Well we arrived At Calcutta Airport 16 minutes late Due to turbulence and a violent storm, and I new it was going to be hot 38* 99% Humidity
As I left the plane my bags slipped out of my grip cause of the sweat, wow I said under my breath it’s hot,
Ok I flagged down a rickshaw driver and made my way to the train station,

Train a sleeper bound for New Delhi oh it was crowded Bodies everywhere out the windows on the roof, cows and chickens filled the gaps, In my dream I was worried I thought the train would be Ambushed by freedom fighters because we had precious Cargo myself and the mail, and coke a cola a half a train full,
18hrs later we arrived.
There was a man with a sign outside the stn it said come Elijiah j winter in Hindi.

I was so looking forward to seeing my grandfather at the Bata Shoe factory in mockama in Bihar district on the Ganges, well a bumpy ride in a land rover for 5 hrs the seat was so uncomfortable, better than the rickshaw I thought,

Finally we arrived my grandfather said be careful crocodiles come to the back door & cobras are near the chook pen,
My grandfather and 5 servant’s showed me to my room and they said we will take you for a tour of the Bata shoe empire which you will be the one to take over when I’m gone and get all that money $400 million Dollars are you ready for that I said no I’m not greedy ill give it all to charity.

Next day I had a trip to Patina what a place cobras every where in the old ruins of the maharajah ,
That afternoon we went duck shooting on the Ganges,

Next day I was on my way to the Himalayas, and when we arrived in Darjeeling it was so beautiful Rhododendrons where beautiful, my dads school was just like in the photos & it looked over K2,
Next morning at 330am we went to Tiger Mountain and had my first look at Mt Everest it was so beautiful I loved it snow on its high peak. Great I thought I’m finally in paradise, and where my dad spent so much time as a boy dreaming of Tarzan,
Well Katmandu oh well what can I say you will have to go now this story has inspired you!!!!

The End,
Thank you to all my family and to Newtown people for believing in me.
©2008 Elijiah j Winter

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