Awakened by the “Gardon” latent forces within thee

Suffering endured by a prisoner longing to be free

A long awaited arrival, lifetimes foreseen

A promise of unity where once there were three


Deception of self, like fog on the glass

Distortion compounded by regrets of the past

Habitual thoughts through time, courage can outlast

A persistence for freedom, light can amass


Aligning Body-Mind-Spirit turns work into play

As the frost of night vanishes when the sun warms the day

Freed from slumbers grip ancient patterns reveal the Fey

An illusion once enjoyed has begun fading away


Universal values degrade, a destitute vision of Nature’s art

Timeless wounds in memory, corrupt any fresh start

Although, commitment to purpose outpictures life’s chart

The grace of a soul makes whole the heart


A lens focusing light, ventures into the deep

Serving a function forgotten to keep

Adjoining disparate worlds, faith takes a leap

Awakened intention buried while asleep


When the breadth and depth of life becomes suddenly extreme

“T” made by two, nightmare or dream

Capturing unseen nuance and making it seen

The dance of light and dark, whose movements serpentine

Haunted by faces, time leaves its stain

The unknown made visible accompanied by pain

The tortured vision of innocene, pleads release from its chains

An ancient vow of liberation within true love still remains


A passionate rythm of heart enchants with its tone

A healing resonance soothes a bitter moan

The Phoenix of humanity’s ashes destined for a home

Once the trilogy unites a Capstone ascends the throne

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