Elfriede Fulda

Rawdon, Canada

Photography, a passion of mine, allows me to view the world and record images, transforming them into life memories. I enjoy sharing...

Time to say Thank You !

I am always so very honored and happy when I receive a feature, I journal to thank everyone, at the same time I wish to honor the hosts of all the various groups that work so hard to give me this “reward” . So I now take this opportunity to once again say thank you to the following groups for featuring my work !

The Group -Gallery of Art & Photography for featuring “Laid Back”, & “Two”
Nature In Its Entirety for featuring “Laid Back”
Peace, Love & Tranquility , for featuring “Laid Back”
First Things for featuring “The Glance” & “Laid Back”
Artists Universe for featuring “Orange”
High Quality Images for featuring “Spring Bouquet” & “A Little Spring”
The Silky Touch for featuring “Subtle”
Color & Light for featuring “Subtle”
Zingers for featuring “Two of A Kind”


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