Don't Worry, I'll be with you-Featured

Thank you ever so much to the group Living Christianity for featuring my work
“Don’t Worry, I’ll be with you” it was a message that I believe my brother Tommy wanted me to know after his passing in November 2010, two days after his birthday , he died of prostate cancer and it was so hard to watch him pass and even harder after he pass away because he had no life Ins and we had to ask and bag for money to bury him and people wasn’t helping. many family member even I had to use are rent and bill money and the mortuary wasn’t working with us right. We just cremated him last week, It took long because of paper work and money problems, I’m asking everyone to get some kind of life Ins so your love ones won’t have to go through the hell we went through, It was so hard.
Thank you all for your prayers, love and support and it means so much to see this being featured. I pray it touch your live like it did mine, Hugs with love :-) Elenne Boothe
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