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I do not define art, I just embrace it. I am more of a novice writer…but I appreciate and highly respect those whose words astonish, inspire and captivate me; I want to be left with questions unanswered.

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Constructing a world where soft edges and breaking boundaries collide, Regina shares personal stories that are thought provoking and emotive. Her work highlights an appreciation for nature which springs from her personal curiosity, as well as her horticultural and agricultural roots. Organic, semi-abstract flowing imagery intertwined with her personal experiences form a style based in charcoal but are also realized in ink, paint, fiber, plaster, and assemblage mediums. For each piece, she aspires that it will envelope the audience in the details as the imagery is experienced. Through all work she bears the message to the viewer – You are not alone.

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Oyster Pearl

Most of the time I see in color / Deciphering the lines that are made / and cut through the paths / creating stronger, / vibrant, displays… but / lately, those lines have been intertwined / into the unknown / and most of the time I would think / little of that fact / I would embrace the freedom / and bask in its exhilarating nature / but most of the time has become distant / and now the…
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What is truth anyway?

for all the rituals I was taught, not once, did I disobey in those days… / my thoughts and opinions kept hidden, / though nothing was ever kept from you. / not once, / did I feel a sense of community, / at least not a place for me within it, / but we must, / we must keep face, / no matter the circumstances. / for I never had a choice in the matter, / again doing as I was told, / follow…
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Chivalry is gone...Even my new airport friend agrees...

7 days…3 cities…airports, cabs, people yaking about who knows/I don’t care/you want me to do what?/punk… / Geez…I mean holy hell…I’m struggling to get my bag up in the overhead compartment, not a light suitcase mind you…though the way I was throwing it around it was light as air…the guy behind me (around 45+) starts to get fussy with me as I a…
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Can't fight my nature

My mind is in a fog…woke up this morning in the comfort of my bed from a whirlwind of a business trip. Here one day, sleep there the next, meeting airport ‘friends’ and then back again. During my travels I’ve realized…my true laughter is back. FINALLY back, the missing piece…I’ve been told it is unique and clearly recognizable by those who know me. I …
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