Literally starving artists.

Well im in between jobs folks, and im living off small donations i get from people that want me to make some portfolios for their portraits.

im back with my parents whom insist that i survive on my own and buy my own food, transport costs, and pay board.

This i just realised is no fun when your inbetween jobs and cant claim welfare! :P after paying board, im left with 20 dollars spending money per week, 15 of which goes to petrol. So im surviving off 5 dollars of food per week, rice and beans are very popular at the moment :) however my stomach doth protest… i havent eaten anything more than 2 apples, a crapload of coffee and a pack of ciggarettes in the past 3 days.

I do hope the government offers me this admin and data entry position :)

so heres good luck to all artists that manage to survive off their art, you DEFINATLY earn every cent you receive. Grumbling away, chris :)

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