day one

well, not really, more like day three, but I’m still figuring this site out, so it feels like day one!

I’m sorting through my collection of pics and deciding which are my best photos – its quite a job – I have a fair few nice ones, but not so many that I want to put up here – anyway, I’ll finish that exercise in the next week or so and will upload them in due course.

Thanks for the comments so far, I’ll get around to replying when I get back from work later today or perhaps during the week – busy boy, me,

Had a photoshoot at the weekend with some friends – doing them some updated family portraits. Their dad wasnt there, so its just the three of them – but we got some really cool shots even if I do say so myself – I’ll upload a couple once I get their permission to do so.

Landscapes are lovely, but I do like taking pictures of people.

and now back to work..I have documents that wont review themselves! (anyone wanting to invent something that does this – I’m all ears!)

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