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I’m living my biography at the moment, i’ll consider writing something when I feel that I truly have lived.

Dinner Party

To pick up some fallen feelings tonight I am having my friends Sandra and Narelle over for Dinner. It’s no often I get to cook for people and usually I always go overboard when it comes to food. Tonight I have concocted two recipies that I thought of when I was at the fresh food markets looking at whats in season and of course healthy. I have 3 courses, (no one ever is hungry around me.)

Starters I am handing out stuffed cabage rolls. I get them from a Greek grocer, much nicer and more nutritious then Dolmades. It’s basically cabage stuffed with tomatoes, rice and basil. Yum yum.

My main is diced lamb skewerd on rosemary stalks. Pan cooked softly to allow them to be tender, and also to make the flavour more delicate. This is because I am serving it with Blanched (steamed) spinach and meted fetta chese. Served with a side of salad, dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and my secret herb mix.

And if that was not enough for dessert we are haviing baked apples (granny smith) stuffed with organic sultanas and figs that I soaked in merlot port. Of course no baked apple is without butter, cinnoman and brown sugar too.

My diet/exercise plan is going well, i’ve lost 5 kilos since I pledged in a previous journal. So tonights dinner is just a reflection on my fussy eating habits.

At the moment I am losing myself in the Spirited Away Soundtrack whilst chugging down mineral water (small sips of port too.) I must not drink too much tonight, I got drunk on cask wine last night and I regretted it in the morning.

I better go to the corner store for some butter, I Just realised that I am low on that (then again butter and I only correlate in liberal amounts.) :D

I hope everyone in the Red Bubble kingdom is well and happy?
Andrew x x x

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